Request Healthie Add a Form to Your Account

Healthie's templated intake and charting forms can be found in your Forms Library. Depending on the specialty that you indicated when signing up for Healthie, you may also see industry-specific forms for your use (see Speciality Forms). 

Healthie forms are designed to connect to your workflows. Forms can be tied to automations within your account, and specific form fields can populate automatically across the platform, eliminating the need to manually add information. Due to the complex nature of forms, a word doc or PDF version of a form, cannot be uploaded directly within the platform for clients to complete electronically. 

If preferred, you certainly can add a form to your Documents Library to share with clients, but these will not be able to be completed electronically by a client. 

This article covers how to request Healthie add a form (ie. existing form you use in your practice) or specialty form, to your account, for clients to complete electronically. This service is available to members on a paid subscription plan. 

Request Healthie Build Specific Form(s)  

If you have an existing form or charting template that you would like to have added to your account, please complete this questionnaire: Healthie Form Builder Request

The following file formats can be supported: 

PDF (strongly preferred), Word Doc, Google Doc, or Typeform Link.  Photocopies are not accepted due to legibility issues. 

Once received, the Healthie Support team will review your form and be in touch for any clarifications or adjustment that may be needed. 

Please Note: 

  • You must be on a paid Healthie subscription plan to request a form buildout
  • We cannot create forms that have Copied fields when we build out a form for providers.
  • There is no extra fee for this, but we reserve the right to limit the number of pages for a specific account. 
  • There is a turnaround time of 10 business days for our team to build and add your forms to your account. This time frame may be longer depending on the number of forms, length of forms, and form complexity.

Alternatively, Healthie makes it easy to self-create a form within your account. Learn how to build a form here

Add a Specialty Form to Your Account 

Healthie has partnerships with many coaching academies, graduate schools, and accreditation services, whose graduates use the platform to run their businesses and build relationships with clients. As part of these affiliations, Healthie makes it easy for you to access recommended forms from these coaching programs, which allows clients to fill out these forms online. Moreover, for your convenience, these forms are available pre-loaded into your account, so you are not needing to create these forms from scratch. 

Review the list of Specialty Forms available. 

If you'd like to request that Specialty Forms be added to your account, please e-mail; proof of your affiliation with a specific group may be requested. These coaching-specific forms are available in addition to Healthie's default template library available in all accounts.

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