Intake forms available within Healthie

Inside the platform, you will find a library of forms to leverage as you build out your intake form system. You are able to use these forms "as is" or pull specific questions from these question banks to create your own forms.   

You can access intake forms built within Healthie here, by adding a form directly to an intake flow

Overview of Built-in forms within the platform

Healthie Smart Form: 

Collect basic client information like Name & Address, Phone Number, and Health history. Information from the Healthie Smart Form automatically pre-fills into other parts of your platform, like the client profile. This basic intake form includes the most common questions asked by health and wellness providers. 

To use the Smart Form as a foundation for your own intake form, click on Healthie Smart Form - you will be able to make direct edits here.  

HIPAA Privacy Policy: 

A HIPAA Privacy Policy informs clients as to how you protect their information, and assures them that you won’t be sharing their information without their explicit approval. Please note: We recommend consulting with a lawyer, to make sure that your individual practice needs are covered, before using any legal form within the platform. 

If you would like to upload your own version of a HIPAA Privacy Policy, or modify the existing HIPAA form, you can create a new agreement


Request a client's credit credit card be kept on file. This is useful to charge no-show fees / cancellation fees, as well as purchase packages for clients on behalf of them.  Here are some best practices in  crafting office policies for your practice and the case for establishing a cancellation policy

Insurance info: 

Request that a client enter their insurance information - you can use this for an eligibility check, and information will  auto-fill into any CMS-1500 forms you'd like to generate in the future. 

Physician Authorization of Release: 

Clients can enter the name and contact information of other providers that they are working with. They can then approve that you share charting notes and results with these providers.

Other forms & resources available

If you would like a form that you do not see listed above, please message us. We have an internal library of intake forms and charting templates through partnerships with graduate programs, affiliates, and specialty groups (e.g., LEAP, IFNA, IIN, FMCA, LivingPlate). If you are a member of a group, please e-mail us: and we will add these forms to your account. 

Helpful resources: 

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