Getting Started: Healthie Intake Forms

Healthie's intake form system makes it easy to automatically and electronically collect health information, e-signatures, payment details (credit cards and insurance), and other forms needed for care. You are able to build your own forms, upload existing forms that you already use in your business, and leverage our internal library and specialty forms to customize the forms & fields you'd like clients to complete as they work with you. Forms are completed electronically by clients, and shared automatically when you add them to an Intake Flow or schedule them to send post-session. You can receive notifications along the way as clients complete your forms, and you are also able to send reminders to clients

For a video walk-through of how to create and manage your intake flows, visit our recorded Healthie classes.  If you prefer to learn live, you can also join our weekly Live Class to learn how to build intake forms and charting templates. Sign up here


Getting Started: Add Intake Forms

There are several ways to add the forms that you'd like to use into your account.

  • In your Healthie Account, Forms > Form Builder has default templates for your use and customization
  • If you are a graduate of a coaching or affiliate program, Healthie can add these forms to your account
  • If you would like assistance from our team in uploading your existing forms, and having our team build them on your behalf, e-mail them as an attachment to
    • Note: there is a turnaround time of 7-10 business days for our team to build and add your forms to your account
    • Note: there is no extra fee for this, but we reserve the right to limit the number of pages for a specific account
  • You can build your own forms in the Forms > Form Builder (instructions below)

Note: You will need to add your forms to an Intake Flow before they are shared with clients. 

Deep-dive: Build Intake Forms in Healthie

Creating your own custom paperwork within Healthie enables you to capture information that is tailored for your business, profession, and clients. This ensures a streamlined onboarding process and saves times on daily tasks, such as charting. Intake forms are specific forms that you will have new clients complete as part of their onboarding process. These forms can be added to an "Intake Flow" to automatically distribute to new clients. You can create different client groups and different intake flows so that you can have differing onboarding processes (ie. an intake flow/paperwork for adult clients and a second flow/paperwork for pediatric clients). 

Within Healthie, you can organize any forms, chart notes, or surveys you build into three categories: Intake Forms, Charting Templates, and Program Forms. Every type of form can be built within the form builder, using the variety of question banks available within Healthie. 

To create a new intake form: 

  • From Healthie's Dashboard, Navigate to Forms > Form Builder
  • Add a New Form, or choose from a template that you'd like to modify
  • Using the menu of question types, drag and drop the template of the question you wish to add to your form. 
  • Click "Edit" to change the name and content of your question.

You will notice that every question is in a box, with an edit, copy, and delete option. Select edit of the question, where a pop-up box will appear where you should see a checkbox for required. 

There are several categories of "Questions" that you can select from the question bank. By default, the Form Builder displays a “default” Question Bank, which contains general or blank question fields. This allows you to create long/short answer questions, multiple-choice questions, drop-downs, or a matrix. You can change the Question Bank category by clicking the drop-down and selecting another category such as: 

  • Charting
  • Client Info: The Client Info bank allows you to quickly build a form that will collect standard client information including their name, address, gender, date of birth, and phone number. Much of this information will be stored in your client's profile. For this reason, we do not recommend that you EDIT these questions (ie. change the name of the field). For any question that will auto-populate your client's profile, you will receive a warning message if you edit. 
  • Agreement: You can use the Agreement options to add verbiage to your forms. For example, the "Agreement: Read-Only" box is the best way to add verbiage, such as office policies, to an intake form. This way, clients can read through the information without having to fill out any information or check any boxes. 
  • Video 

Required questions: As you build out your intake form questions, you will see the ability to set some questions as "Required." If you set a question as required, when a client attempts to complete your intake form, they will be unable to progress unless the field has been completed; a prompt will appear helping them jump to a missing required field on your intake form.

You can additionally make an entire intake form required as part of your Intake Flow

Add a PDF to your intake form (as a viewable document, not fillable)

There may be an instance in which you'd like to incorporate a PDF into your intake form, that clients should review, but not "fill out" , as part of your onboarding process. An example of this may be instructions for your clients to take an action (e.g., call their insurance company, follow a specific protocol prior to meeting with you). 

To do this: 

  • Upload the PDF to your Documents folder
  • Navigate to Forms > Form Builder and select the form that you would like to attach the PDF. 
  • Under Question Banks > Change category from Default to Agreement. Under Agreement you will see the Document box option to add to your form:


Include a link in a form field: To include a link in one of your form fields, you can use the "Edit/Insert Link" feature when editing the field. Select the text and click the link button to add your link.

Custom Questions for Intake Forms (including more inclusive gender and demographic information)

To help providers appropriately document a client's gender, and gender identity, there is an option within the Client Profile > Actions > Client Info > Personal Information. Within the Gender field, you'll now see an "Other" option. When Other is selected, a new field for "Gender Identity" will appear. You can free text your client's gender identify within this field. 

Please note, there is a separate "Sex on File for Insurance" field, as insurance payers require a traditional selection on a CMS 1500 claim form. Clients will not see these gender fields or indicators. 

A forthcoming update will enable gender/identity information to be captured through a "Smart Field" within Healthie, which can be added to forms (ie. Intake or Charting forms) and will automatically update your client's profile. 

In the meantime, to add custom questions to your client's form, we suggest that you use the default/blank question fields. For example, if you'd like to be more inclusive for gender, you can select a blank multiple choice or drop-down question from the default question bank. Edit the field, and add your gender identifier options. This is just one example of how you can build truly tailored forms for your clients. 

At Healthie, we understand that diversity, inclusivity and sensitivity are critical factors in healthcare screening and care. For this reason, we continue to add items to our Product Roadmap that will help make default intake forms, and client-facing aspects of the Healthie portal, increasingly more inclusive. If you have any specific suggestions or requests, you can share them with our team at 

Leverage "Smart Fields" 

Healthie's Smart Fields enable you to have information from intake forms pre-populate within a Client's Profile and onto your Charting Templates, which eliminates duplicate data entry. More information here

Edit or delete an existing Intake Form

There may be instances in which you would like to modify or delete intake forms that you have already created. You are able to do both within your form builder, irrespective of if a form has been shared with clients. 

Editing Intake Forms

Select the form that you'd like to make an edit to you, and simply add/ remove / edit questions within that intake form.  Your clients can also edit forms that they have filled out from their account, by navigating to the "Forms" tab on their left side menu and clicking "Edit" on the form they want to make changes to.  If you edit an intake form that has already been sent to some clients, as long as they have started or completed the form, those changes will not be reflected in previously completed forms. 

Deleting Intake Forms

If you have old intake forms that you no longer actively use with clients, you have the option to fully delete an Intake Form. In this instance, if a client has already complete this intake form, you will still be able to view the Completed Intake Form within the client's profile, as expected. 

If clients have already completed an intake form, we recommend not deleting the intake form, as you will be unable to download aggregate form responses for that form. 

Copy an existing Intake Form

There may be instances in which you would like to copy an existing intake form. These reasons could include:

  • You want to modify an intake form without affecting the experience of clients who have already completed it
  • You may want to customize a form for each specific client, while using your base template
  • To copy an intake form, navigate to: Forms > Form Builder > Select Form > More > Copy. You will then see a Copy of that form appear in your Forms > Form Builder section when you navigate back to that screen.  

Print a Blank PDF of your intake form

To print a PDF of your intake form, please select the form, press "Preview" - you will see a button called "Generate PDF" 

Have clients complete your intake forms

You will need to add your forms to an Intake Flow before they are automatically shared with clients to complete during the onboarding process. Clients will receive an email prompt asking them to complete paperwork, and the link included in the email will help them to easily log in to complete forms. Clients can complete their forms from a web browser when logged into their Healthie Client Portal, or from the Healthie mobile app, when logged in with their client credentials. 

Additional resources

This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie Intake Forms, including how to leverage Healthie's forms library, how to create your own intake form, and how to build charting templates.

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