Creating intake forms for clients to complete online

Healthie's intake form system makes it easy for providers to automatically collect health information, e-signatures, payment details (credit cards and insurance), and other forms needed for care.

There are three ways to add content to your intake forms: 

  1. Healthie library has common intake forms which our providers can leverage - you can add these to your account directly.
  2. Leverage forms from your graduate, affiliate, or specialty program (e.g., IFNA, LEAP, IIN, FMCA) - Healthie can add these to your account, if you e-mail with the forms or graduate programs you want). 
  3. Build your own forms (instructions below)
  4. E-mail your forms to for our team to build them on your behalf (note: there is a turnaround time of 7-10 business days for forms that you request our team to build on your behalf. While there is no extra fee for Healthie to build forms for you, we reserve the right to limit the number of pages for a specific account). 

Note: You will need to add your forms to an INTAKE FLOW before they will be shared with clients. 

To build intake forms within Healthie, use the Form Builder feature. 

  • From the main Healthie dashboard, click "Forms"
  • Click "Form Builder"
  • Enter the name of the form that you'd like to build
  • Click "Submit" 

You will then be taken to the form builder portal. Use the menu of question types, and drag and drop the template of the question you wish to add to your form. 

Then, click "Edit" to change the name of the question you would like to add.

Printing a PDF of your intake form

To print a PDF of your intake form, please select the form, press "Preview" - you will see a button called "Generate PDF" 

Please watch the following video for a detailed walk through on building your intake forms within Healthie:

You then need to add forms to an "Intake Flow" in order for clients to automatically receive your intake forms, when you add them to the Healthie system.