Form Builder: Create an Intake Form in Healthie

Creating your own custom paperwork within Healthie enables you to capture information that is tailored for your business, profession, and clients. Intake Forms are specific forms that you will have new clients complete as part of their onboarding process. These forms can be added to an Intake Flow to automatically distribute to new clients (or manually request form completion

You can create different client groups and different intake flows so that you can have differing onboarding processes (ie. an intake flow/paperwork for adult clients and a second flow/paperwork for pediatric clients). 

Within Healthie, you can organize any forms, chart notes, or surveys you build into three categories: Intake Forms, Charting Templates, and Program Forms. Every type of form can be built within the form builder, using the variety of question banks available within Healthie. 

Before you get started: Watch our Quick Loom video: Build an Intake Form, to learn how to use Healthie's drag & drop form builder tool. 

Create a New Intake Form

To create a new intake form: 

  • From Healthie's Dashboard, Navigate to Forms > Create Form 
  • Give your intake form a name 
  • Using the menu of question types, drag and drop the template of the question you wish to add to your form 
  • Edit to change the field name and content of any question field

You will notice that every question is in a box, with an edit, copy, and delete option. Select edit of the question, where a pop-up box will appear where you should see a checkbox for required. 

You can continue to drag, and edit fields. Rearrange the field order by dragging a field into a new position on the form. 

Question Bank Categories

There are several categories of "Questions" that you can select from the question bank. By default, the Form Builder displays a “default” Question Bank, which contains general or blank question fields. This allows you to create long/short answer questions, multiple-choice questions, drop-downs, or a matrix

You can change the Question Bank category by clicking the drop-down and selecting another category such as: 

  • Default: standard question fields (short answer, long answer, multiple choice, matrix (aka grid/table) 
  • Charting: common charting questions, ideal when building a charting template
  • Client Info: The Client Info bank allows you to quickly build a form that will collect standard client information including their name, address, gender, date of birth, and phone number. 
    • Much of this information will be stored in your client's profile. For this reason, we do not recommend that you EDIT these questions (ie. change the name of the field). For any question that will auto-populate your client's profile, you will receive a warning message if you edit. 
  • Agreement: You can use the Agreement options to add verbiage to your forms. For example, the "Agreement: Read-Only" box is the best way to add verbiage, such as office policies, to an intake form. This way, clients can read through the information without having to fill out any information or check any boxes. 
  • HIPAA: add a HIPAA policy notice to any form
  • Video: Add a link to a Youtube, Loom, or Vimeo recording

Mark a Field as Required

As you build out your intake form questions, you will see the ability to set some questions as "Required." 

If you set a question as required, when a client attempts to complete your intake form, they will be unable to progress unless the field has been completed; a prompt will appear helping them jump to a missing required field on your intake form.

You can additionally make an entire intake form required as part of your Intake Flow

Custom Questions for Intake Forms (including more inclusive gender and demographic information)

To help providers appropriately document a client's gender, and gender identity, there is an option within the Client Profile > Actions > Client Info > Personal Information. Within the Gender field, you'll now see an "Other" option. When Other is selected, a new field for "Gender Identity" will appear. You can free text your client's gender identify within this field. 

Please note, there is a separate "Sex on File for Insurance" field, as insurance payers require a traditional selection on a CMS 1500 claim form. Clients will not see these gender fields or indicators. 

A forthcoming update will enable gender/identity information to be captured through a "Smart Field" within Healthie, which can be added to forms (ie. Intake or Charting forms) and will automatically update your client's profile. 

In the meantime, to add custom questions to your client's form, we suggest that you use the default/blank question fields. For example, if you'd like to be more inclusive for gender, you can select a blank multiple choice or drop-down question from the default question bank. Edit the field, and add your gender identifier options. This is just one example of how you can build truly tailored forms for your clients. 

At Healthie, we understand that diversity, inclusivity and sensitivity are critical factors in healthcare screening and care. For this reason, we continue to add items to our Product Roadmap that will help make default intake forms, and client-facing aspects of the Healthie portal, increasingly more inclusive. If you have any specific suggestions or requests, you can share them with our team at 

Advanced Form Configurations

Healthie's Form Builder can be leveraged to create the most intricate, and custom forms, needed for your business. Here are some advanced configurations you may want to apply to your form(s).

Additional Resources

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