Delete an Appointment Type

Appointment Types are a central part of the calendar configuration that allow you to showcase the sessions that you offer to clients. 

This article discusses deleting appointment types, and the potential ramifications with doing so. 

Delete an Appointment Type

Next to the appointment type, click [...] and select DELETE

Note: When an Appointment Type is deleted, availability for that Appointment Type will now also be deleted if Availability by Appointment Type is enabled for your account. 

Prior to deleting an appointment type, please note: 

  • Any future appointments that are associated with that appointment type should be edited & assigned to a new appointment type 
  • All past appointments with that appointment type will no longer show as having an appointment type, this may impact your reporting (ie. Appointments Report). 

FAQs for Deleting Appointments Types

If there are future appointments scheduled will I be able to delete the appointment type? 

Deleting appointment types will not delete future appointments for that type, but they will not show an appointment type. You'll want to edit the appointments to give them a new appointment type. 

Can a team member delete an appointment? 

The platform will not stop a provider from deleting an appointment type if you have the permissions (under organization membership) to edit appointment types. 

Will past appts, of the delete appt-types, still be on the calendar and/or available in historic reporting?

Past appointment types will not be affected and will be available in appointment history, reports, and on the calendar. 

If I delete an appointment type in Healthie that is part of the automatic sync and/or the nightly re-sync? (for integration users)

No, deleting appointment types will not stop further sync updates for that appointment.

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