Availability by appointment type

Healthie's Calendar gives you the power to set your weekly and ad-hoc availability, configure over 35 settings, embed Healthie onto your website, and sync the calendar with other calendars you use in your life, including iCal, Google, and Outlook. Once you set your availability and service offerings, you are also able to generate sharable URL links to add Healthie into your social media accounts, newsletter lists, or directly with a specific client.

If you have set your availability and appointment types, but would like to further customize your availability by appointment type that you offer, please e-mail hello@gethealthie.com so that we can enable this feature for you. This is useful if you have several locations in which you see clients, and you are available on different times based on the location. Moreover, this is helpful if you would like to be available for just virtual sessions some days, and in-person sessions on other days. 

Using Availability by Appointment Type / Location

If Availability by Appointment Type / Location has been enabled, you will be able to adjust your Weekly Availability based on the Appointment Type you have selected. 

Navigate to Calendar > More > Set Weekly Availability. You will see each of your appointment types listed along the left-hand column. Click and drag down areas you are free. This will just apply to that specific appointment type, so you will need to repeat this action for each Appointment Type that you offer, to add your weekly availability for EACH appointment type that you offer. 

Adding Availability for a Day

You are also able to apply availability for a day. When you navigate to Calendar > More > Add Availability for the Day, you will see the ability to specify the Appointment Type that this availability applies to. 

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