Appointment Types (Enabling / Disabling Clients to Book)

Appointment Types are a central part of the Healthie Calendar configuration that allow you to showcase the sessions that you offer to clients. Appointment Types can vary in name, length, location, contact type, be one-on-one or group, and more. 

Create an Appointment type

Navigate to Calendar > More > Appointment Type

If you click on "Add New Type" or edit an existing Appointment Type, you will be prompted to configure settings:

Configure Appointment Types

Healthie allows you to configure your appointment types to optimize your session offerings. Specifically, you can configure:

  • Name: May include titles like initial consultation, follow-up session, group appointment, free webinar
  • Length: Number of minutes of your appointment type, in 5 minute increments
  • Contact Type: Whether you are available by phone, in-person, or via video call for an appointment type
  • Locations: The office locations in which you offer this appointment type
  • Clients Can Book This Appointment: Indicates whether clients are able to book an appointment type with you, or whether you will need to book these on behalf of your clients. Please note that if the "Clients can book this appointment type" setting is enabled, clients can book the appointment type through the web app, mobile app, sharing link page, and embed; whereas, if the setting is disabled, clients can only book the appointment type via the sharing link page and embed. You can further select which clients can see (and book) a specific appointment: 
    • All clients can book 
    • Only specific clients can book > select the client and/or client groups that can see (and book) this appointment types.  
  • Group Appointment: Whether this is a one-on-one or group session. Leave this unmarked if an appointment type is for one-on-one sessions. 
  • Assign Group: By booking this session, is a client automatically placed in a certain Group? This is helpful if you'd like certain clients to receive certain forms based upon them booking a session with you.  Keep in mind, if you select a group, all your registrants will automatically move into the new group. Any new paperwork and/or documents you've shared with the new group will now be available to the client. To prevent a client from leaving their existing group, select "No Group." They will not move to a new group, and will retain access to all of their current group form, programs, and documents/resources.    
  • Requires Provider: this setting prevents a client from booking the appointment type unless a specific provider has availability. Choose the provider(s) you'd like to associated with this appointment.
  • Enable Waitlist: if you'd like to allow clients to join a waitlist for a group appointment, enable this setting. 
  • Pricing: associate a self-pay rate, or a CPT code with an appointment type to automate your billing workflows.

Enable Clients to Self-Book Appointment Types 

Within Healthie, you have the option to make each individual appointment type "Bookable" by clients. 

  • Navigate to the Gear icon on the top right of your provider account > Settings 
  • Select "Appointment Types" from the menu 
  • Find the appointment type you'd like to adjust booking settings for > Click the actions tab (three dots) > Edit 
  • A side panel drawer will appear > Select or deselect the "Clients can book this appointment type" option
  • Please note: if a client manages to get an embedded or shared link for the appointment type, this setting will not prevent them from booking. If you hover over the question mark icon to the right of this setting, it communicates this:

If you make an appointment "Bookable" by clients, clients will see it as a visible option when viewing your calendar as well as when logged into their Healthie Client account. If disabled, clients will not see, or have the option, to book this specific appointment. 

Delete Appointment Type(s) 

Appointment Types can be deleted by an account admin or team member with permissions to Edit Appointments. 

Learn more: Delete an Appointment Type

Advanced Appointment Type Settings 

By default, Healthie enables businesses to curate over 25+ settings that will apply generally to all appointments. However, it may be essential for some businesses to have settings that differ based on the appointment type. 

Advanced appointment type settings can be enabled by request for Group Practice and Enterprise members, by emailing hello@gethealthie,com

When enabled, the Appointment Settings that typically apply to all appointments, can be curated on a per-appointment type basis. An overview of all the Appointment Settings can be found here: Appointment Settings

Note: this advanced appointment type setting functionality is separate from setting availability for different appointment types. More information here: Availability by Appointment Type, Location, or Contact Type

Once enabled, the following list of settings will appear: 

Additionally, custom appointment reminders can be configured for each appointment type if this (optional) appointment type setting is enabled. 

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