Appointment Types (Enabling / disabling clients to book)

Healthie's Calendar gives you the power to set your weekly and ad-hoc availability, configure over 35 settings, embed Healthie onto your website, and sync the calendar with other calendars you use in your life, including iCal, Google, and Outlook. Once you set your availability, you are also able to generate sharable URL links to add Healthie into your social media accounts, newsletter lists, or directly with a specific client.

Appointment Types are a central part of the calendar configuration that allow you to showcase the sessions that you offer to clients. Appointment Types can vary in name, length, location, contact type, be one-on-one or group, and more. 


Create an Appointment type

Navigate to Calendar > More > Appointment Type

If you click on "Add New Type" or edit an existing Appointment Type, you will be prompted to configure settings:

Configure Appointment Types

Healthie allows you to configure your appointment types to optimize your session offerings. Specifically, you can configure:

  • Name: May include titles like initial consultation, follow-up session, group appointment, free webinar
  • Length: Number of minutes of your appointment type, in 5 minute increments
  • Contact Type: Whether you are available by phone, in-person, or via video call for an appointment type
  • Providers: Who from your organization is available for this appointment type
  • Locations: The office locations in which you offer this appointment type
  • Bookable: Indicates whether clients are able to book an appointment type with you, or whether you will need to book these on behalf of your clients. Please note that if Clients can book is not enabled for any appointment types, your embedded calendar will not show any availability. 
  • Group Appointment: Whether this is a one-on-one or group session. Leave this unmarked if an appointment type is for one-on-one sessions. 
  • Assign Group: By booking this session, is a client automatically placed in a certain Group? This is helpful if you'd like certain clients to receive certain forms based upon them booking a session with you.  Keep in mind, if you select a group, all your registrants will automatically move into the new group. Any new paperwork and/or documents you've shared with the new group will now be available to the client. To prevent a client from leaving their existing group, select "No Group." They will not move to a new group, and will retain access to all of their current group form, programs, and documents/resources.     
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