Deep dive: Appointment Types (Enabling / disabling clients to book)

Appointment Types enable you to showcase the types of sessions that you offer to clients. Think of Appointment Types as the menu of session options that you provide to clients. 

Within Healthie, you are able to customize: 

  • The name of your appointment type (E.g., initial consultation, follow-up session, group appointment, free webinar)
  • The length of this appointment
  • The location (whether you are available by phone, in person, or via telehealth) 
  • Whether or not a client can book this type of appointment themselves 
  • If this appointment type is a group appointment (leave unmarked if this appointment type is for one-on-one consultations)
  • Associate a group with an appointment type
    • Whatever group is associated with that appointment is where the client will be moved to after that appointment is booked

Setting and editing appointment types

  • Calendar > More > Appointment Types
  • Edit / Add New Appointment Type

Enabling / disabling clients to book an appointment with you 

If you would like clients to be able to book an appointment with you, please click the "Clients can book" button within a specific appointment type. 


  • You can turn on the ability for clients to book just certain types of appointments, or all types of appointments. 
  • If you have not enabled "Clients can book" for any appointment types, your embedded calendar will show no availability, if you try to test this feature.