Zus Patient Health Profile: Encounters

With the Healthie + Zus integration, organizations can manage patient care leveraging the Zus Aggregated Profile integration. The clinical history for 270M+ patients is integrated directly into Healthie. Rather than sifting through hundreds of Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), data is automatically aggregated and displayed within Healthie for providers to review. Learn how to enable this integration here

This article reviews how to review historical patient encounters within Healthie. 

View Historical Encounters (Timeline)

When the Zus + Healthie integration is enabled for your account, historical data on encounters (ie. hospital visits, ER visits, and more) can be pulled using the Zus Aggregated Profile which lies on your clients' Overview page. Navigate to this page by clicking on Clients (left navigation sidebar) > Client Name > Overview in Healthie. 

From the Client Profile Overview view, scroll down to the section you’ll now see labeled Outside Records Powered by Zus

The "Timeline" tab section will showcase any historical encounters that Zus was able to aggregate for this patient. Users can see encounters from your organization and other providers in chronological order, view details for each encounter, including the type of encounter, location, providers, clinical notes, and diagnoses, when available, and view source documents that reference encounters.

Note: There will never be a red dot beside the "Timeline" tab because there are no actions you must take.

Clicking into one of the encounters will display a detailed timeline and history for that visit.  

View Source Documents 

Source documents will allow providers to review the originating Continuity of Care Document (CCD). 

If needed, the original CCD can be downloaded as an XML document. 

Additional Resources

Find additional resources pertaining to the Zus Encounter and Notes (Timeline) component here.

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