Zus Patient Health Profile: Medications

With the Healthie + Zus integration, organizations can manage patient care leveraging the Zus Aggregated Profile integration. The clinical history for 270M+ patients is integrated directly into Healthie. Rather than sifting through hundreds of Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), data is automatically aggregated and displayed within Healthie for providers to review. Learn how to enable this integration here

This article reviews how to review historical patient medications within Healthie.

Zus Medications List

When the Zus + Healthie integration is enabled for your account, historical data on medications can be pulled into their Client Profile in Healthie. This pharmacy data is passed on from data sources including Commonwell, Carequality, and Surescripts. This will include any medication that was prescribed, filled, or reviewed in an encounter.  

This is separate from medications that have been collected directly from the patient (ie. via intake forms), added manually by the provider. It is also separate from prescriptions that have been placed for the patient directly via Healthie. You can learn more about other sources of client medication history here. Below we’ll discuss how the historical medication data is sourced from Zus. 

Navigate to Clients (left navigation sidebar) > Client Name > Overview, and scroll down to the section labeled "Outside Records Powered by Zus." 

This section will showcase any historical medications that Zus was able to aggregate for this client. 

Note: The Medications List will be blank if Zus did not find medications in a patient's medical history or if your organization has never requested medical history for a patient through Zus. If a conflicting determination is reported from an external medication (e.g., your record says Albuterol is inactive but a newer report says it's active), your record's information will still be displayed as-is in the Medications List and the history for this medication will display the conflicting external record.

Clicking into one of the medications will display details as well as a detailed timeline and history for that medication. Medications are listed with the most recent information displayed at the top of the timeline. 

The Details box shows a summary of the latest information available for that medication.

History shows all individual records in the ZAP associated with a given medication, including prescriptions, refills, and medication reviews. If a source document is available, it'll be notated with an icon and linked.

Expanding a record provides additional available details such as: 

  • Medication status 
  • Last fill date 
  • Quantity prescribed
  • Number of days supplied 
  • Number of refills issued 
  • Instructions to the patient 
  • Prescriber
  • Last prescription date

The medication history details are sourced by Commonwell, Carequality, and Surescripts. While Surescripts will send through medication details in 1-2 hours, it may take 24-48h for information from Commonwell or Carequality to be reflected in this panel. 

Note: At this time, providers can only review medication data sourced by Zus. Forthcoming updates will explore additional functionality surrounding medications. 

Managing Client Medications (Dismiss and Mark as Viewed)

Hovering over a medication from the Medications List view will allow you to either: 

  • Dismiss the medication from your view if you believe the medication is no longer active for a patient or was entered in error. This data is not deleted and can be retrieved at any time. Select "+ Add Filters" and click "Show Dismissed Records" to show dismissed medications, which will appear in gray font. The dismiss action can also be reversed.
  • Mark as Viewed a new medication to mark it as read. Clicking on the medication to view its details automatically marks the condition as viewed.

Sorting and Filtering Client Medications

Sorting medications is supported for medication name, last fill date, and last prescribed date, while filtering is supported for the prescriber name.

Additional Resources

Find additional resources pertaining to the Zus Medications component here.

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