Deep Dive: Invoices Report

The Healthie Reports feature is designed to keep you informed about all client, appointment, and financial activity.

The Invoices Report allows your organization to keep track of open/outstanding invoices, ensuring that you are able to have a holistic and accurate overview of organization financials.

Accessing the Invoices Report

Navigate to Reports tab within your account > Invoices Report > Filter by Date Range

This report can be run for individual members or for an entire organization.

Once the report is generated it will appear in your Documents tab > Generated Reports folder, titled by report name and today's date. Reports generate in a .csv file format, and can be opened on your local device.

Columns in the Invoices Report

  • Unique ID
  • Invoice Number
  • Sender
  • Invoice Recipient ID
  • Invoice Recipient Name
  • Invoice Date
  • Recurring Payment ID
  • Promo Code (Optional)
  • Promo Code Discount (Optional)
  • Original Price
  • Price After Discount
  • Status 
  • Balance
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