FAQ: Client Packages

Healthie's Client Packages tool enables you to organize your services and products. You are able to set up one-time and recurring payments for your client packages, as well as bundle Appointment Sessions, Programs, and Products. In this guide, we answer common questions to using Healthie for creating and selling Packages, which is the catch-all term for what you offer to clients.

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Can I add multiple billing frequencies to the same Client Package?

It is not currently possible to indicate multiple billing frequencies for a Client Package. 

For example, if you offered a "Wellness Package" and wanted to offer the option for clients to pay upfront or month-to-month, you would need to create two separate Client Packages with these unique billing frequencies. 

If a client is enrolled in more than 1 package, how does this show up on my client's credit card statement? 

If a client is enrolled in two packages in which payment is taken out on the same day, only 1 transaction consolidating both packages / payments will show up on the client's credit card. What this means, is that if you wanted to charge a client for a) a bundle of sessions and b) an ancillary package, you could charge for two services on one day, and it would show up as one consolidated line item on the client end. 

What happens when a client payment fails? Do I need to re-try this charge?

Automatic payments should be manually re-tried, our payment processor does not retry any failed payments once the credit card is updated. If the client is on a recurring payment, future / upcoming payments will still charge as scheduled. You will receive an e-mail when a client charge fails. 

More information on handling failed payments is available here

How can I pause payment and enrollment in a Client Package? 

To pause a recurring payment, navigate to your Payments tab, locate the recurring payment, click the menu and select “Pause Automatic Payments.” Recurring payments are marked by the clock icon, so they can be distinguished from one-time payments. Payments can be manually resumed at any time, by revisiting the Payments tab and locating the payment, and selecting “Restart Automatic Payments.”

To fully cancel a recurring payment, navigate to the Payments tab once again, and select “Stop Payment” from the dropdown menu. 

What is the ideal size of a picture for my client package? 

For best results with your package cover image, use an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a minimum size of 480 pixels by 270 pixels.

Can I change the billing date of a package on Healthie?

There may be instances in which you'd like to change the date that a client is billed. We recommend cancelling the automatic payment, and then re-charging your client on the new date to re-enrolling them in a package. At this time, the concept of a "trialing package" does not exist in the platform, but we will update this when the platform supports this. 

A future update in Healthie is planned to help improve the ability to change a package billing date. Please check back to this article for an update, or email our team at hello@gethealthie.com so you can be notified when this capability is live. 

Why can't my clients see my package(s)? 

Each Healthie package has a setting that allows you to make it "visible" or "not visible" to clients. This allows you to control which clients can see/purchase your packages. 

Please review our Getting Started: Client Packages article > Included Items section > Client Settings & Package Visibility

Additionally, packages are only viewable by clients via the web browser. Therefore, if a client is reporting they cannot see packages, they may be trying to view them from the mobile app. Redirect your clients to use the web browser to purchase any packages. 

Note: If you've made a package visible, but your client cannot view, please make sure you have not included a program that has already ended. By default. packages containing past programs will not show.

Can a client cancel recurring payments from their account?

As of now, clients can't cancel on their own without reaching out to you.

We recommend adding some information in your intake flow or in the email templates, letting them know if they would like to cancel a service, they would have to reach out to you directly.

Can I change the currency of a package within Healthie?

If you need to change the currency of a package or payment within Healthie, please reach out to us at hello@gethealthie.com and our team will make the change for you. 

Can I limit the number of times a package is purchased per month?

At this time, we don't have a feature to limit the number of clients to sign up for a package. We have an archive package feature, where once a certain number of clients signs up, you can achieve the package. Learn how to archive a package here

Can I split a package payment into multiple payments? 

To split a package in multiple payments, set the package as a recurring payment, and set the number of billing periods as the number of payments you'd like the client to make. For example, if you'd like to split a package into two payments that a client pays across two months, set the billing frequency as "Monthly" with 2 billing periods occurring.

Can a client refund a package themselves?

No, you will have to manually refund the client for a package or payment. Be aware that sometimes clients will go around you to their bank to request a refund; be sure to communicate with your clients in this case, as Healthie is not able to track when this happens.

Why can't my client see or buy packages from the mobile app? 

Packages are only viewable by clients via the web browser. Therefore, if a client is reporting they cannot see packages, they may be trying to view them from the mobile app. Redirect your clients to use the web browser to purchase any packages. 

Currently, in-app purchasing is not supported in Healthie. There are additional fees that are associated with in-app purchasing, and these fees can be very high for healthcare classified applications. At this time, the additional fees that would be passed on to providers and clients, will unfortunately make in-app purchasing costly. In the interim, clients are able to log into their Healthie account from the web browser (versus the app) to view and purchase packages, or make invoice payments. 

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