Getting Started: Client Payments

Healthie's built-in payment processing system enables you to bill for one-time and recurring needs, that can span services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. You are able to apply promotional codes and track the utilization of these codes for marketing and business purposes. You fully customize the Packages and Services offered, including the frequency of recurring payments. 

Moreover, you have the ability to charge a client directly for a one-time payment or Client Package, Request a payment, and Create and send invoices for clients to fulfill. Healthie directly links with your bank account for you to receive payments from clients electronically through the platform. 


Collecting Client Payment Card(s) 

Credit/debit cards, HSA, and FSA cards can be stored securely within Healthie, linked to a client's profile. A form of payment can be added to your client's profile either manually by the provider, or automatically through and Intake Flow (ie. during client onboarding). You can store multiple cards within a client's profile. This can be especially useful for practitioners who want to allow a client to use an FSA/HSA card but would like a person credit/debit card also on file (ie. in the case that the FSA/HSA card no longer has a balance) 

1) Provider manually adds a form of payment: 

  • Navigate to your client's profile > Financials 
  • Select "Add Card" 
  • Add in the payment details including type (personal, HSA, FSA), card number, expiration & CVC
  • Indicate if you'd like this card to be the default payment method > Save Card

2) Request client to provide a form of payment: 

You can send an email request to a client to complete Healthie's "Billing Form" > Learn how

3) Automatically collect client form of payment: 

Payment cards are automatically stored within your client's profile through a few actions. 

  • A client purchases a package via Healthie 
  • A client is added to Healthie and they complete and Intake Flow that includes the Healthie Billing Form
  • A provider sends and invoice to a client, and the client can provides their payment card to process the invoice

4) A client manually updates their account with payment card(s) 

When logged into Healthie, clients can go to Settings > Update Payment Cards. From here they are able to add multiple payment cards to their account.

Charge a client or Request Payment for a Package

Healthie enables you to build Client Packages to charge for bundles of services, programs, and other offerings. You are able to apply Promo Codes, and set up one-time and recurring payment options. When you charge a client for a package, they will automatically receive a receipt and confirmation of service purchased. 

We recommend using Client Packages to showcase your standard services & offerings, and it is the most common method of collecting client payment via Healthie. 

Healthie enables you to directly Charge / Enroll a Client in a Package, or Request Payment for a Package, such that the client is not charged, but rather prompted to Enroll in a Package. 

  • To Charge a Client for a Package, and subsequently enroll them in your offering, navigate to Billing > Client Package > Charge > Select Client > Enter Promo Code (Optional) > Charge
  • To Request Payment for a Package, navigate to Billing > Client Package > Arrow > Request Payment > Select Payment > Select Client > Request. Your client will receive an e-mail prompting them to fulfill this payment request, and when they do, you will receive an e-mail notification of confirmation. Additionally, Healthie's system will automatically create an Invoice for this Payment Request, so that you can easily track outstanding payment requests from your clients, for appropriate follow-up. 

If a package is Free, you will not see the ability to Charge or Request Payment. Rather, you will see an "Enroll" button, and will be able to Enroll any client into this Package, regardless of whether they have a card on file with you or not. 

Charge a client for a one-time payment

There may be an instance in which you'd like to charge a client for a one-time payment, that exists outside of what you've built in Packages. This is commonly used for enforcing cancellation policies, collecting co-pays, etc. 

To do this within Healthie, navigate to Billing > Payments > Charge Client > Charge Reason > Enter Amount

The client will receive a confirmation receipt of service purchased. The receipt will indicate the Charge Reason that you entered, as well as the price of what was purchased. 

Note: For a Client's name to appear in your Charge Client drop down, he/she must have a card number on file. If you do not have a client's card on file, please first enter the client's billing information by going to their Profile > Actions > Edit Client Info. 

There may be an instance in which you'd like to generate an Invoice for a Client to fulfill. Please review Healthie's Invoices Feature for best practices. 

Manage failed payments from clients

When a transaction has failed for any reason, you will be emailed with the error from our payment processor. When a scheduled payment fails, it is not automatically re-tried for that month. You can go in and re-try the payment directly. If the client is on a recurring package, the next payment will still be attempted as scheduled. Once the issue with the card is fixed, you can to Billing > Payments > Charge client, and Charge the client for the amount that should have been processed.

Review card issues 

Healthie makes it easy to keep track of important client financial information, including upcoming payments that will fail due to credit card issues. You can see a list of current card issues by navigating to  Billing > Payments > Card Issues.

In the Card Issues tab, you can review: 

  • Any client credit card that has had a failed payment.
  • Any client credit card that is set to expire before the next scheduled payment on that card.
  • Any client credit card that is expired.

Client credit card is declined

If you attempt to charge a card on file for a client, and you receive a notification indicating the card was declined, these are the reasons as to why this could be the case:

  • The card has insufficient funds
  • The card has not been activated
  • The card has expired
  • Bank requires authorization
  • "Do not honor" as client has restricted charges from you. 
  • The client's bank/card company is not recognizing the charge from your services and is flagging the attempt as fraudulent / needs approval (this is increasingly likely as the amount of the charge you are making increases)

If this happens, we recommend that you either have your client use another card to process the transaction or, have your client call his/her card company to authorize the charge. Unfortunately, it's not possible to predict that this decline will happen, at the time of entering a card in. Some providers will do a small "test charge" of $1.00 to confirm that the card on file is valid, as early as possible, in the client onboarding process. 


  • If a client's transaction has failed, you as the provider will be e-mailed with the error detail from our payment processor. 
  • Failed payments do not get added to your client's running balance. 
  • Healthie does not notify your client via e-mail that the card was declined (due to sensitivities that you may want to address individually with your client). Healthie does not automatically re-attempt that charge, so we recommend reaching out to your client to have a failed payment addressed. One option is to do this via Healthie Chat
  • If your client logs into their Healthie portal, they will see their Payments, including a failed payment, within Billing > Payments

You can send this client help article to your client in order for them to update their credit card directly. Alternatively, you can create and send your client an invoice to collect payment for services. They will be able to provide a credit card for payment as they pay their invoice. Learn more about invoices here

Record an Outside Payment 

If your client has paid by cash or check, you can keep your financial records up-to-date by logging an outside payment. 

  • Billing > Payments 
  • Click the "Outside Payment" button on the top-right menu 
  • Complete the pop-up details, including
    • Date/time
    • Associated client & provider
    • Payment amount 
    • Payment type (Cash, Check, Direct Deposit, Credit Card, Other) 
    • Any notes you'd like to include
  • Click "Complete" 

This payment will now display in your Payments Report.

Additional resources

Join our Healthie Live Class: Getting Started with Healthie to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and collecting payments via Healthie. Make the most of the Healthie platform with additional free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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