Edit or Delete a Package

Client Packages within Healthie allow you to curate the services you offer and set prices, payment recurrence, associated sessions, groups, and programs. There may be instances in which you need to edit or delete an existing package, for example if you are changing your prices or restructuring your business. 


Edit a package

Editing a Client Package to make updates WILL NOT impact existing clients on this package, including future payment amounts, program availability (or lack thereof), and session credits made available to clients. We strongly recommend that if you have existing clients on a package, to create a NEW Client Package to avoid confusion and prevent lapses in client service. 

For example, if you have a client on a package that bills $200 / month, and then change your rate to $225 / month on a package, your existing clients on the package will continue to be charged $200 / month. If you would like to change the rates of your existing clients, we recommend stopping them on their current package, and enrolling them in a new package with the updated amount that you charge. 

Navigate to Billing > Client Packages > Identify Package > View Dropdown > Edit. You will then be able to edit a Package's Name, Description, Included Items, and Pricing. Press Save for changes to immediately go into effect. Package updates will apply to all public-facing instances of the package, including on social links and on packages that may be embedded on your website.

Delete a Package

Deleting a Client Package WILL impact existing clients on this package, including cancelling out future payment amounts, program availability (or lack thereof), and preventing new session credits from being made available to clients. 

If you would like to Delete a Package, navigate to Billing > Client Packages > Identify Package > View Dropdown > Delete. 

We recommend checking public-facing places in which this package may be shared, to confirm that you do not need to make updates to embeds that do not reflect deleted packages.

What happens when you delete a Client Package:

  • Changes to prices will NOT affect PAST payments made from your clients, but WILL affect future payments that clients make
  • Clients will no longer be able to purchase a package that you have deleted. If you have Healthie embedded on a website or shared externally, it will no longer appear (this is updated automatically). 
  • Updating a package that existing clients are on WILL cancel future payments. Program accessibility and session credits WILL remain in tact. If you'd like to rescind Program access and change session credits, you will need to do so separately. 
  • We strongly recommend not deleting a package that has existing clients enrolled. Rather, we recommend making the package not visible, and then creating a *new* package to avoid confusion and/or clients not being charged. 

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