Provider examples - introductory video for clients

Some providers will incorporate an introductory video that clients receive when they first sign up with them through the online portal. These videos are customized to the specific needs of your business, and showcase how you plan to engage with clients on the platform. 


How to add your Welcome Video to Healthie 

Within Healthie, we recommend that you first embed your video into a form, and then add that form to your intake flow. This will allow you to automatically share your video with new clients as they onboard. Learn more about client onboarding here

1. Create a new "form" 

While forms generally refer to electronic forms that you or your clients can complete, you can also leverage Healthie's Form Builder in creative ways - like to electronically introduce your business to new clients. 

Navigate to Forms > Form Builder > Click the "Create Form" button

Title your form ie. "Welcome Video" 

2. Embed your video within your new form 

From the Question Banks drop-down, select "Video" > a video field will appear. 

Drag this field to the right, and drop it into your form. 

Click "EDIT" at the right of your field.

Paste the URL link for your video. You cannot upload the video file directly, you must first upload it to a video hosting platform (Vimeo, Loom, Youtube) and copy the sharing URL link. 

3. Add your welcome video "form" to your intake flow 

Once created, you can add this form to your intake flow(s) and clients will see it when they first access Healthie. Rearrange the order of your forms so your welcome video displays first (if you prefer). 

Preview your intake flow if you'd like to review your new client's experience (click the "Preview" button on the top right). 

Provider examples: Introduction Video to Healthie

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