Shopify and Healthie

Healthie enables organizations that use Shopify for E-Commerce to integrate this process with Healthie. 

Note: This is currently available as an add-on integration for Group and Enterprise Plan level members. In the future, we will roll out tooling that will make this accessible on more of our plans. There is an add-on fee for this integration. Please email to learn more. 

Overview of Shopify Integration

With this integration, Organizations can:

  • Pull purchases from Shopify in as payments from Healthie, and mark orders in Shopify as fulfilled when appointments are scheduled in Healthie.
  • Set up a webhook that will send Healthie Shopify purchase data directly from your Shopify site. If it matches a SKU that you have given Healthie, it will create a payment record in your Healthie Payments Dashboard (and also automatically create a client account for the user, if one does not exist based on e-mail address of the client).
  • When a new client makes the purchase, Healthie pulls in the payment record, creates an account for the client, and sends them an email to access their Healthie account.

This integration is "behind the scenes" and does not change anything visually on your website or in Healthie. 

If you prefer, you can also (in parallel with offering Shopify packages) embed the Healthie Calendar / Package widget into your Shopify site as per usual (this is independent from the Shopify integration).

Note: Healthie customers with API access can unlock enhanced capabilities within the Shopify integration.

Information Required to Activate Shopify Integration

With our Shopify integration, you can set up a webhook that will send us Shopify purchase data from your Shopify site. If it matches a SKU that you give us, it will create a payment record in Healthie (and a client account for the user if one does not exist).

To enable this, we will need the following information (you can share this to 

Note: It is not possible to test the Shopify experience in a Sandbox environment. Sandbox accounts have limited third party integration capabilities.

You can generate the credentials directly in your admin, this function can be located from your admin under the Apps section. From there, you should see a link for private apps near the bottom. We also have a guide for private apps and it can guide you to generate your API credentials. Please note that it is important to treat the API credentials as you would with any other password as it provides full API access to your store.

You'll also find this video tutorial from Shopify:

Getting Started

If you are interested in setting this up for your organization, please e-mail Depending on your plan, an additional fee may apply. 

FAQs: Healthie + Shopify

Does any information push from Healthie to Shopify? 

No. This integration pulls certain information from Shopify into Healthie. No information sends from Healthie outside of the platform. 

Is it possible to sell products exclusively on Healthie, and not Shopify? 

Yes. Healthie offers a Client Packages feature that allows providers to sell appointments, programs, labs, and products. Our Inventory Management feature also makes it possible to keep track of product inventory, and sell these products via Invoices or Client Packages.

If a client purchases a package on Healthie, does that purchase info get sent to Shopify? 

Not at this time. The Shopify Integration with Healthie allows Shopify purchase details to push into Healthie, which will create a single aggregate view of payments directly within Healthie. 

Can a recurring subscription package be sold via Shopify? 

If you would like to set up a recurring subscription service, we recommend using Healthie's Client Packages feature. Within Healthie, you can set the number of recurring payments, payment pricing, and frequency of payments. Create monthly recurring subscription services and more, including appointments, programs, meal plans, product, labs, and more. Learn more

With this Shopify integration, will my package and appointment purchases be pushed into Shopify?

When a client purchases a package through Shopify that includes an appointment, the client will not receive an appointment credit for scheduling within Healthie. This can, however, be achieved through purchasing a Healthie's API integration.

Is there a fee to use the Healthie + Shopify integration? 

This integration is available to members on our Group Plan and above. A monthly add-on fee applies. To learn more, please reach out to 

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