Payments Dashboard (View past and processing transactions)

Healthie's payment processing platform is your single-stop solution to track, manage, and collect payments from your clients. You can collect payments for Packages, Programs, products, co-pays, deductibles, and anything else you may need to receive payment from clients for. 

Healthie's Payments Dashboard enables you to review payments received through Healthie, as well as those you receive outside of the platform but elect to record within Healthie. 

Record an outside payment

There may be circumstances in which a client pays for something outside of Healthie's online payment processor. For example, if they give you cash or check during a session, have previously paid you for credits that are remaining, or you use another tool like Venmo / Quickbooks.

You can still record this payment within Healthie, which is useful for accounting and payment reconciliation. 

To record an outside payment, navigate to  Billing > Payments > Outside Payment > Add details

The payment will be recorded on your Payment Dashboard, as well as in your Payments Report. If you use Healthie's Credit System, you'll want to manually add credits to your Client's account so that they can book sessions with you. 

When Clients view Payments within their Healthie Dashboard, they too will see that you have recorded an Outside Payment. 

As a note, there is not currently a way to mark an existing outside payment as refunded. If you've received a check as a refund to your business, we suggest that you record a new outside payment and indicate the check amount and details. This will allow you to maintain accurate financial records for your business. 

Review Payments Received, Pending Payments, Transfers, and Card Issues

Healthie's Payments Dashboard ( Billing > Payments) shows you a real-time snapshot of the payments you have received, upcoming payments, pending transfers, and received transfers. You will see four tabs as part of this Dashboard.


The payments tab shows you payments that you have received through the platform. On this tab, you are able to: 

  • View payments that you have received through the platform
  • Send a receipt to a client, by navigating to Actions (...) > Send Receipt to Client. 
  • View failed payments that have not gone through. These payments will be denoted with a red action triangle in the Status column of Payments.
  • Quickly filter your payments to sort by All, Successful, and Failed by clicking the corresponding filter buttons on the top-right. 


The Invoices tab enables you to view invoices that you have sent and received through the platform, as well as their status. 


Transfer Overview

The transfers tab shows you payments that have been deposited, and are in transit, to your bank account. You'll find details including:

  • Date the bank transfer was initiated 
  • Amount included in the transfer 
  • Number of included transactions 
  • Status of the transfer
  • Date the transfer is expected to be completed

Payments processed via Healthie can take 3-5 business days to reach your bank account and will be marked as pending until that time has elapsed.

  • Available (green) means that money has been deposited in your bank account
  • Pending (yellow) means that money has in process of being deposited into your bank account

Transfer Details

If you are interested in viewing details about a particular transfer, you can click within the "Included" column to review the following:

  • The date that bank transfer was initiated, and expected to be deposited into your bank account
  • Client Transactions contained within the transfer (and the amount of each transaction)
  • Payment processing fees (deductions)
  • Refunds and other adjustments (deductions)

Transfer Reporting

If you are interested in downloading details about the Payments and Transfers you have received, in order to run reconciliation analyses, we recommend downloading your Payments Report. You are able to filter by date range for added flexibility. This report includes columns/data for the below items, along with many other important payment details:

  • Bank Transfer Type
  • Bank Transfer Initiated
  • Bank Transfer Status
  • Bank Transfer Expected

Review Payment History (or Upcoming Payments) for a Specific Client

If you would like to view the Payment History or Upcoming Payments for a Client Package for a Specific Client, you can do this within their Client Profile. 

Navigate to Client > Client Profile > Billing and you will see an overview of payments that your client has made to date, including their recent payment history, their card on file, and sum of all of outstanding invoices. If you navigate to Client Profile > Overview (the first tab) you will see upcoming payments for their current Client Packages.

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