Integrating Healthie's Calendar & Billing with your Website

Your calendar and client packages on Healthie can be integrated directly onto your website. This will enable capabilities like: 

  • Clients being able to schedule appointments directly from your website
  • Clients being able to purchase packages directly from your website
  • Clients being able to purchase packages, then book a session, from your website
  • Clients being able to log into the Healthie platform directly from your website
  • Clients automatically receiving intake forms and your welcome e-mail, after taking an action from your website

Healthie can be integrated into nearly every website host, including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and others.

This article contains instructions on how to embed Healthie onto your website, and the options available to providers to customize your business's workflow.

Embedding your calendar and/or packages on your website

  • Calendar > More > Embed Calendar 
  • This page will provide you with 3 options that will allow clients to book or purchase sessions with you from your website.

Here are your options:

  1. “If you would like clients to buy a package and then book with you, use this:” This option requires your client to book a package - which may be one appointment or several appointments with various other services like Grocery Store Tours. Your client cannot schedule an appointment until after they have purchased a package.
  2. “If you would like clients to buy a package without booking an appointment, use this:” This option allows your client to purchase a package without booking an appointment. This is often preferable for a dietitian who wants to contact their client to coordinate on a time as opposed to just receiving a suggested time that the client would like.
  3. “If you would like clients to book an appointment with you, regardless if they have purchased a package, use this:” This option does not require your client to purchase anything. They may book an appointment and then pay for your services after. This option is often preferred by dietitians who do not like to charge clients until after their session has ended.
  • Once you have decided which integration option you want to use, copy the HTML code that corresponds with that option. 
  • Now log into your website creator and add this HTML code to the page that you want your calendar to be on. 
  • Makes sure that your code is placed onto a page for HTML code so that it is not mistaken by the web creator for text. 
  • The Healthie Calendar may first appear as a white box.
  • Save and update the page and return to the website, it will most likely have converted to provide the option you selected. If you’re having any trouble, feel free to reach out to us at

Advanced help for specific website builders


Create a new page (third item in the dropdown menu after pressing New + in editing mode). In the upper right corner of the main box where you’d write your content are two options, ‘visual’ and ‘text’. By default, ‘visual’ will have been selected. Click ‘text’ and paste the html section you are embedding.

Please note: There is a difference between and Depending on your Wordpress plan, you may need to upgrade your Wordpress account in order to accept iframe embeds. Otherwise, you can always link Healthie with your website through a URL / button. 


Create a new page, and click edit in the box where you’d usually add content. Click the ominous black bubble on the left side of the content box or the plus on the upper right hand side of the content box and a bunch of options should appear. Click embed (on the right side of this option grid). A small pop up titled embed should pop up. Click the “</>” button on the right side of the text box that says “Enter an embeddable URL here”. Then paste your html snippet in the next text box that pops up titled “Embed Data”


Create a new page, and press the Build tab in the left side of the toolbar in the header. The dropdown menu will have an ‘embed code” option on the bottom left of the first group of options. Drag this option to the main content window. Click the box that appears in said window and paste your html snippet directly into that main box.


Create a page by pressing the ‘Pages’ menu in the top left corner and pressing add page and then page in the next menu that pops up. Press ‘Add’ in the sidebar and select more from the bottom of that dropdown menu. Select the HTML code option and drag it to your preferred location on the page. Paste in your code where it says ‘Add your code here’ and drag and resize the box as you please.


Please note: If you are using WordPress, please make sure that you have a maximum of 1 bracket in your URL embedded link, otherwise WordPress may break your link. Please message our support, if you are using this and run into any issues.