Setting goals as "Favorites"

Healthie's Goal favorites enable you to save frequently used goals and re-use them for other clients, or for the same client again in the future. You can edit the details of a goal favorite for each client, eliminating the need to re-create the same goal from scratch every time.


Creating a "Favorite Goal" 

When creating or editing a goal for a specific client, check off the box at the bottom of the screen "Add as a Favorite." The information you have input, including Name, Frequency, Description, and will be saved for future use and can be used to pre-fill a goal on another client's account. This will allow you to quickly apply the goal to another client, saving you time during goal setting. 

Applying a "Favorite Goal" 

To utilize a goal that you have previously created and saved as a "Favorite" 

  • Navigate to your client's account > Goals > "Create Goal"
  • There will be a blue button on the top right of your screen that reads "Apply Favorite."

From there you'll be able to view and select any of your past creates goals. Pre-filled information will auto-load into your goal. Once you apply the favorite goal, you'll still be able to modify the goal for your current client before saving. Modifying this new goal will not change your original "Favorite" goal. 

Sharing a "Favorite" goal across your organization

If you would like your goal favorites to be available to other members in your organization, please have an account administrator enable the setting "Has their goal favorites available to other members of the organization." 

If you or other members of your organization have this enabled, you will be able to share and apply goals to your clients. 

Healthie's "Favorite" goals

When setting a new goal for a client, you have the option to select a goal from your library of "Favorites." To make goal setting even more convenient, we've added "Healthie Favorites" to your library. Browse through Healthie's Favorite Goals, select one, and modify it as needed for your client. 

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