Getting started: Goals

Client engagement is one of the most important factors in driving client success. Receiving personalized recommendations, ongoing support, and real-time feedback allow clients to make ongoing changes towards a healthier life. One way to promote client engagement, and success, is by collaborating with clients to create realistic, and achievable wellness goals. Setting wellness goals with your clients provides them with the  actions they need to take, and the direction they need to move in. 


Overview: Goal Setting in Healthie 

With Healthie's Goal Setting Feature, wellness providers and clients can: 

  • Create daily, weekly and one-time goals (and subgoals) for clients
  • Visit a client's chart to see all current, and past, goals 
  • Monitor a client's success by seeing goal completion rates for each day, and each goal
  • From their client portal, clients can check off completed goals or subgoals
  • Clients can receive in-app or email reminders to complete goals, and wellness providers can adjust the frequency of these notifications
  • Be motivated towards consistently achieving goal completion streaks   

How to create a new goal

  • Click on the Goals tab of a client's Healthie profile. By default, both providers and clients have the ability to create a goal. 
  • Click "Create Goal" and a goal creation tool will appear
  • Fill in your goal details (or apply a past favorite goal to auto-fill) 
  • To save, hit the blue "Create Goal" button. 

For your convenience, we've included several "Preset" goals that can help you get started, called "Goal Favorites" Feel free to select these goals, and modify them for your client-base.

Goal Details

You'll be able to fill in several fields, which we review in detail below:

  • Title 
  • Description 
  • Frequency
  • Start date (optional) 
  • End date (optional) 
  • Subgoals (optional)

Learn more about the details of a goal here.

Modify an existing goal 

To edit an existing goal:

  • Navigate to your client's chart and then click on "Goals" 
  • You'll automatically see a list of all active goals for the current day.
  • For the goal you want to modify, click the 3 dots under "Actions" > EDIT 
  • You'll be able to make any changes directly, and then scroll down to click "Update Goal"

To edit a goal that isn't visible for the current date (ie a future goal), use the date picker to select your desired date range (ie. for the entire month). You'll now see a list of all the goals active during that date range. Modify any of the goals listed, and be sure to click "Update Goal" at the bottom of the screen when done. 

choose date range

Delete an existing goal 

To delete an existing goal: 

  • Navigate to your client's chart and then click on the "Goals" tab 
  • Find the goal you'd like to delete. On the right-hand side click the 3 dots under "Actions" > DELETE
  • You'll be asked to confirm if you want to Delete the goal > Click DELETE button

Additional resources 

Visit our blog to learn more about the Healthie Goals features. 

This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie Goals, including your client's experience with goal setting -- both from the web browser and the Healthie mobile app. 

Prefer to learn live? 

Join a Healthie Live Class to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and engaging with clients. Make the most of the Healthie platform with these free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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