Create Assessments, Quizzes, or Tests

Healthie's Form Builder enables you to build custom assessment forms, quizzes, and tests, and distribute them automatically to clients on a one-time or recurring basis, or as part of onboarding. 

Default question types that can be used to create your custom form: 

  • Multiple choice questions (radio buttons)
  • Multiple choice (check boxes) 
  • Short answer questions 
  • Long answer questions 

Additionally, Healthie has multiple categories of pre-created clinical assessment questions that you can leverage when creating your form. 

Learn more about how to build your form here

Pre-Created Assessments 

If you're part of a professional organization, coaching group, or affiliation group, you can access pre-created assessment forms to use with your clients. Review our specialty forms library to learn more.

Scoring of Forms, Assessments, or Quizzes

There may be instances in which you would like an intake form to include an assessment / survey, that you'd then like calculated and scored.

Healthie offers the ability (currently only via the API) to score forms and assessments. For example, behavioral health clinics can score a PHQ-9, to take action on specific members based on results of assessment. 

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