Set and Remove Availability

You can set your default availability to allow clients to book with you, as well as to enable other team members in your organization to view when you are available for client sessions. This saves you administrative time navigating when you are available, and automatically syncs to the availability shown when you add your Healthie calendar to a website, or enable clients to book with you from their portals. 

If you have not already done so, we suggest that you take a few minutes to watch our pre-recorded video on Healthie's Calendar feature. Join our success team as they walk through setting up your calendar and creating bookings. 


One-time vs recurring availability

Healthie's calendar allows you to set up two different types of availability, for clients to book with you.  

  1. One-time availability: You can set time blocks for specific dates / times that does not recur on subsequent weeks. Once these are set up on your calendar, these are denoted with a wavy texture.
  2. Recurring availability: You can set time blocks for each day per week that recur automatically on your calendar, unless otherwise blocked by a sync from an external calendar, or a manual block of availability that you add (more info on that below). Once these are set up on your calendar, these are denoted with a solid texture

Set and adjust recurring availability

Set your default availability of when you'd like clients to be able to schedule with you. Navigate to Calendar > More > Weekly Availability. You will be able to drag and drop times, which auto-save, which turns a specific time green. These blocks will show up on your main calendar view in solid green. 

You can adjust your recurring availability by navigating back to this screen, and clicking on specific green boxes to remove availability for specific days of the week. This will by default apply to all subsequent weeks. 

If you have availability by appointment type / location enabled, you will want to set your availability for each appointment type. 

If you are part of an organization, you are able to set availability on behalf of other providers in your organization. To do this, Navigate to your Organization Calendar, Select the Provider > More > Set Weekly Availability. 

Once these openings are set up, clients are able to book sessions with you at these times. 

Set and adjust one-time availability

You can set specific availability for a single day, that will not affect your recurring availability. Navigate to Calendar > More > Add Availability for Day. You will be able to add specific time blocks, and you will notice on your main calendar view that these show up as a wavy green block.

To adjust one-time availability, navigate to the left-hand Calendar bar. Click any one-time availability block directly in your calendar, and you will be able to edit or remove it via a pop-up box that appears. Please note that "Show appointments" and "Weekly availability" must be unchecked when trying to remove or adjust your one-time availability. 

Block and Add Availability on a one-time basis

If you would like to prevent clients from booking with you on a one-off basis, e.g., you are going on vacation or celebrating a holiday, you can block off availability on a one-time basis. Navigate to Calendar > More > Block Availability, and then select the date / time that you'd like to block. During these time blocks, clients will not show availability to book, but you will be able to book an appointment yourself during this time. 

Adding Availability for a Day

You are also able to apply availability for a day. When you navigate to Calendar > More > Add Availability for the Day, you will see the ability to specify the Appointment Type that this availability applies to. 

No availability

If you do not have availability set for an appointment clients will be notified of this through the appointment booking process. 

If you do not wish for clients to be able to book appointments directly, you can edit your Calendar preferences to disable client booking. Learn how

Out of Office (Block Time)

If you have recurring availability set on your calendar, you'll need to add "Blocked Time" for the days/times that you'll be out of the office. 

The blocked time should be for the full time you'll be out of the office (not just at the beginning/top of your schedule).

To add a time block within Healthie: 

  • Navigate to your calendar, click on the day you'd like to begin your time block 
  • From the scheduling pop-up, toggle to "Availability" > Select "Block Availability" 
  • Update the start date, start time, end date, and end time of your blocked availability 
  • Click "Create" 

To edit your time block, simply click the time block, and revise your dates/time as needed. 

Extend Daily Availability View on Calendar

In some cases, you may want to extend the hours visible on your calendar. To do so, navigate to the Calendar page on the right hand side of your dashboard.  Click on the blue "More" drop down and select "Appointment Settings." Scroll to the "Appointment Timing" box and you should see an option to edit the "Calendar Default Display." You can adjust the time here, subsequently adjusting your weekly availability calendar.

Availability FAQs

Can I block out time on my calendar for completing Tasks that I've created in Healthie? 

In order to create a block on your calendar to assign time to complete a Task, you will have to block the availability on a one-time basis, as described above. This way, no clients will be able to book with you during this time so you can complete your Task. Another option is to create an appointment type titled Task, so you are still blocking out the time but your coworkers and clients are aware you are busy working on a project during that time.

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