E-Labs and Healthie

Healthie has integrations with several third-party partners to enable organizations to order and retrieve results of E-labs that you offer. 

Healthie currently integrates with:

  • Lab Testing API for Quest Diagnostics (out of pocket only)
  • Evexia for LabCorp + Specialty Labs that Evexia Supports. 

We are in the process of integrating with: 

Evexia Diagnostics: LabCorp + Some Specialty

Evexia Diagnostics offers Lab Ordering for LapCorp & Specialty Labs. Integrate your Evexia account to pull PDF results into your account, add them to client records, and optionally share results with clients. 

Here is some information on Healthie's integration with Evexia

Lab Testing API: Quest

We partner with a Lab Testing API to enable direct lab ordering capabilities via Quest Diagnostics Labs  With this integration, clients are required to pay for labs out of pocket. Utilization of this feature is tied to the Client Packages feature, for clients to purchase labs from you within their Healthie account. 

Lab Testing API optionally comes with a physician's order, so you do not need to be a physician in order to leverage this feature.

Here are some additional resources as you learn more about Quest E-Labs and Healthie. 

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