Evexia and Healthie

Healthie has integrated with third-party partners to enable the fulfillment of E-Labs within Healthie and for streamlined coordination across the Lab Companies, our organizations, and your clients. This article contains information on Healthie's integration with Evexia Diagnostics

As of now, Evexia can only send LabCorp and Access Medical results through to Healthie (not any of the specialty labs). Specialty lab results will be included in a forthcoming update. 

If you are interested in testing this integration, or being notified when the integration is available, please send us an email to hello@gethealthie.com. 

About Evexia 

Evexia supports integrative and functional medicine providers through advanced diagnostic testing, innovative nutraceutical products and comprehensive practice management solutions.

Evexia partners with LabCorp and other specialty lab partners to bring thousands of lab testing options to healthcare providers. Providers can order an existing lab panel, or customize their own panel. 

Learn more about Evexia here

Create an Evexia Account 

Create an Evexia subscription to get started with a 30 day free trial https://www.evexiadiagnostics.com/home/joinnow

When signing up for a new Evexia account, you will be prompted to select your EMR - please choose Healthie. 

Licensed and non-licensed providers can create an Evexia account to place lab orders for clients. "Licensed" means you are able to order labs in your state (ie you may be a credentialed healthcare provider, but do not have ordering privileges in your state. Dietitians do not have ordering privileges in NY.)  You will need to show copy of licensure and NPI number. 

For non-licensed providers, there is an additional fee if Evexia needs to cover the $15 requisition/doctor fee to sign off on labs. This fee applies to every lab order placed. Within Evexia - there’s a LAB AUTHORIZATION BY STATE (details on who can order in which states, and who needs to use the Evexia licensure in each state which means they will need to pay the $15 requisition fee) 

**Providers residing in NY, NJ, RI** 

Due to 3rd party state laws, Evexia cannot permit providers from these states. You cannot sign up for Evexia unless you are using an address that is not in NY, NJ, RI, or Puerto Rico. Lab orders cannot be placed for clients residing in these states. 

Enable Healthie Integration with Evexia

You will need both an active Healthie membership and an Evexia subscription in order to leverage this integration. 

When you are logged into your Evexia account, you can follow this link to sign the third-party EMR agreement:

Once you sign the agreement, the Evexia and Healthie teams are notified and we will start the integration process. 

Evexia Diagnostics offers Lab Ordering for LapCorp & Specialty Labs. Integrate your Evexia account to pull PDF results into your account, add them to client records, and optionally share results with clients.

Place a Lab Order in Evexia 

1. Add your client details to Evexia to create a client account. Required client details include: 

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Email address

2. You can place an order for a lab, lab panel, or create your own lab panel. There are thousands of labs to choose from, within a comprehensive Evexia Test Directory. 

When choosing the lab order type, select LabCorp or Specialty Labs 

Phlebotomy preference is specified by the provider when creating the lab order and can be done via: 

  1. Lab draw site 
  2. Mobile phlebotomy
  3. In-Office lab draw

You can add the order to your cart to see pricing. Rates for Evexia labs cannot be accessed or viewed within Healthie. 

When placing the lab order in Evexia, you will have the choice to self-pay for the lab order as a provider (and later collect payment from the client) or have the client be billed for the order via Evexia. 

Evexia does not work with insurance (clients cannot use insurance to pay for services) but clients can use HSA or FSA cards to pay for lab orders. 


There is no fee to access this integration, but an active Evexia membership is required (and Subscriber is responsible for all Evexia fees). There is currently no discount for Healthie members that sign up for Evexia. 

Note: Evexia does not work with insurance (clients cannot use insurance to pay for services) but clients can use HSA or FSA cards to pay for lab orders. 

For non-licensed providers, there is an additional fee if Evexia needs to cover the $15 requisition/doctor fee to sign off on labs. This fee applies to every lab order placed.

Evexia Lab Results in Healthie 

This is a results only integration. Simply put, providers place a lab order on behalf of clients within Evexia. When the results are ready, the test results will be sent into Healthie as a PDF document. 

Please note, your client's name and date of birth need to be added into their Healthie Client Profile 

To manually update name or date of birth: 

  • Clients > Select Client 
  • Actions > Personal Information 
  • From here, you'll see the fields for name and date of birth, and can manually enter this information. 

We highly recommend that date of birth field be added to your Intake Forms in Healthie, to capture this information during client onboarding. Date of birth (available in the Client Info of the Forms Question Bank) is a Smart Field and will automatically populate across the platform (ie. into invoices, Superbills, CMS 1500 claims, and more). 

As the provider, you will be able to see test results in the respective client’s documents section in a folder named “Evexia Lab Results”. An internal notification will alert you to the new test results. By default, the lab results are not visible to your client. You can optionally share the document to ensure that it is visible within their Documents. 

Client Profile > Charting > View Documents > [...] > Share

Additional Resources 

If you'd like to learn more about your Evexia subscription, including the lab ordering process, please visit the Evexia Diagnostics website.

To sign up for an Evexia subscription visit https://www.evexiadiagnostics.com/home/joinnow

Questions about using Evexia in your practice? Please email hello@gethealthie.com. 

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