Deep Dive: Insurance Authorization Report

Healthie's Insurance Authorization Tracker enables you to keep track of critical insurance information related to a particular client's insurance coverage. This can be useful in understanding how many visits are approved for reimbursement, and how many have been utilized during a specific time period, to help manage and predict likelihood of insurance coverage for a particular client. 

For additional automation of workflow, the Insurance Authorization Tracker is connected to Reporting. Utilize this powerful report to keep track of clients who have exhausted their insurance benefits, and moreover, identify those who still have covered benefits for the year. 


Accessing the Insurance Authorization Report

From your Healthie Dashboard, navigate to  Reports

There are two reports pertaining to Insurance Authorization: 

  1. Your Clients' Insurance Authorization. Generating this report will provide relevant insurance authorization details for only clients associated with the provider who is logged into Healthie. 
  2. Organization Clients' Insurance Authorization. Generating this report will provide relevant insurance authorization details for all clients across the organization. This report will only display to providers within an organization. 

To generate the report, click the link and select the date range you'd like to populate date for. You'll see a notification banner appear that your report is being generated. Depending on how much data is included, your report may take up to 30 minutes to complete, although it typically is available within a few minutes. You can find your report in the Documents tab > Generated Reports. 

All reports download in a .CSV file. To view them in Excel or Google Sheets (ie. if you have an Apple computer), open the file and copy/paste the data into Excel. 

If you are trying to open a generated reported in Safari, please review this help article

Columns Included: 

The data included in this report is dependent on what information you have collected and documented within Healthie. Data fields include: 

  • Client Unique ID
  • Client preferred name
  • Client legal name
  • Client middle name
  • Client last name
  • Current status
  • Client group
  • Client's provider
  • Client date of birth
  • Client gender
  • Client phone number
  • Date of first appointment
  • Date of last appointment
  • Billing type
  • Insurance policy
  • Insurance 1 Member ID
  • Insurance 1 Group ID
  • Copay
  • Referring Physician
  • Authorization Number
  • Number of Visits Authorized
  • Number of Visits Used
  • Effective Start Date
  • Effective End Date

Please review more details of how the Insurance Authorization Tracker can be utilized here.

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