Clients Purchasing Labs via Packages

Quest Diagnostic labs can be added to client packages via Healthie. This integration enables providers to offer, and clients to purchase, labs directly within the Healthie platform, and fully electronically, to save providers time and the need to navigate to external platforms.  

Once your client purchases a lab order, they are prompted to schedule an appointment at a nearby Quest Lab site, to complete their order. Lab orders are processed by Quest Labs and become available within Healthie for both provider and client to review. This article walks through your clients' experience when ordering labs, as part of a 4 step process.

Lab orders will be generated within 3-4 hours. Lab order results are available within 30 days.

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  1. Client purchases a lab order
  2. Client schedules their lab appointment
  3. Client visits a Quest lab site
  4. Client and provider receive lab results in Healthie

1. Client purchases a lab order 

After you create your package containing a lab order, your package can be purchased directly by a client. A client who is brand new to your practice will be prompted to complete their personal information, which will automatically generate a Healthie client account for them. Existing clients are able to purchase a package directly within Healthie. 

Once a client purchases a package containing a lab order, they will receive two emails, which lists your business name as the sender: 

  • The first email is a receipt of their purchase 
  • The second email subject reads "Schedule Your Lab Test" -- and the body of the email includes a "Schedule" button

2. Client schedules their lab appointment 

In order to complete the lab order, your client must have blood drawn at a Quest Lab site, which will then run the ordered testing. Walk-ins are welcome at Quest Labs, however appointments are recommended and given priority. Lab testing is not available in NY, NJ, or RI. Clients residing in these states will need to go to a nearby state to find a Quest location. 

While many Quest sites take walk-ins, we do encourage that clients schedule an appointment in advance. If they do NOT make an appointment, and instead walk-in to a Quest site, they will need the requisition number for their lab order. This will allow Quest to match the lab order with your client & link it to their Healthie account.

To find the lab order requisition number (for walk-in appointments only) 

  • Clients can log into their Healthie client account 
  • Select "Labs" from the left-side menu
  • Locate the lab that you ordered > View the details for the order
  • On the form, locate the "Requisition Number" located on the top-left. This is the information they will need to provide to Quest labs in order to link your order with their account. 

To schedule an appointment, clients can click the "Schedule" button in their confirmation email, or they can go to the "Labs" tab within their Healthie client account. 

The first prompt they will receive in the scheduling process is to complete a Lab Order Consent Form along with some additional personal information requested by Quest. 

Upon completion of the consent form, they'll be brought to a scheduling page which will allow them to enter their zip code to locate a nearby Quest Diagnostics lab site. 

They may select the location where they would like to get tested, and book an appointment. 

After booking the appointment, your client will receive a confirmation code, which they can enter within Healthie, linking their lab order to their Quest appointment. 

3. Client visits a Quest lab site 

Your client should visit the Quest lab site at their scheduled date, time, and location. Their lab order is sent electronically to Quest labs, and there is no need for them to bring any additional forms. 

Clients will need to bring a valid photo ID. As your client has already self-paid for their order, they do not need to provide any payment at the time of their appointment. However, if your client has insurance and would like Quest to submit an insurance claim for the order, they can provide their insurance card and information. This is not a guarantee of reimbursement. 

4. Client and provider receive lab results in Healthie

When lab results become available, you will receive a notification, and both you and your client will be able to review lab results, which will become available within the Healthie portal. 

Additional resources

You can find more detailed information and answers to FAQs directly on the Quest Diagnostics website

If you have any additional questions about e-Labs through Healthie, please contact us at

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