Mark a chat message as unread

In some cases, you may want to change the status of a client chat message that you've opened to "Unread." 

Some instances where this use-case may be helpful: 

  • You want to fully respond to a client later 
  • You'd like to make the chat "Unread" for a colleague in your organization to respond to 
  • You'd like to keep a message top-of-mind 

To change the status of your chat message: 

  • Select "Chat" from your dashboard when logged into Healthie 
  • Scroll through your message history to find your chat 
  • Click the actions tab (three dots) next to your message 
  • Select "Mark as unread" 

"Unread" chats appear bolded in your chat list and the red indicator icon will appear next the the Chat icon in your Healthie menu. Once you click on a message, it will open, and the status will revert to "Read" 

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