Archiving a chat conversation

Many providers archive chat conversations to keep conversations organized, and identify conversations that no longer need a response. Think of archiving a conversation like archiving an email thread. 


Archiving a conversation

Click the "Archive" icon in the right-hand panel in your chat conversation. If you do not see "archive" in the side panel, then you may need to scroll down (there is a scroll bar to the right of the menu). Archiving a conversation does NOT delete the conversation. Your data will be saved, and you will have the ability to retrieve it if needed. 

Accessing archived conversations

You can access all Archived conversations within your chat inbox.

  • Go to your chat inbox from the web browser 
  • Click the drop-down arrow under "Visibility" 
  • Choose "Archived Conversations" 

You'll now be viewing all archived conversations. If you are viewing ALL conversations within your chat inbox, you can also search by a client's name. Both active and archived conversations will be displayed. 

Unarchiving a conversation

When you open an archived conversation, the right-hand side panel will now have an "Unarchive Conversation" button. Simply click this button and your conversation will be restored as an active conversation. 

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