Getting Started: Healthie Chat

Healthie's Chat Feature enables providers, support staff, and administrators to securely message and communicate with clients, from within the web platform and through the mobile app. 

With Healthie's chat feature, you can message your clients one-on-one, create group chats, send message blasts, and even message other clinicians in your organization. We also offer an Organization layer to Chat, which is helpful to review and coordinate care. 

You are additionally able to leverage features to engage with clients at scale such as:

Chat provides a powerful way to stay engaged with clients in between sessions, as well as securely discuss health information. Many businesses also use the Chat platform to discuss appointment logistics, as it is often faster than e-mail and/or phone conversations back and forth. 

Note: Providers will need to reach out to the client first to initiate a chat conversation within Healthie.

Accessing Chat

1) From Your Computer

Select the Chat tab from the main Healthie dashboard on the left-hand side of your screen. Your most recent chat conversation will appear. To switch to another conversation, click on the message in the side panel. 

By default, you will have one message thread with each of your clients. 

2) From Your Mobile Device

Select the "Chat bubble" icon on the bottom menu of your mobile device (iOS or Android) to view and send messages. 

Start a New Conversation (single or group conversation)

Creating a new chat is easy within Healthie, and can be done from within your Healthie portal on web, or through the mobile app. You can create a one-to-one or Community Chat (group chat), as well as send a message blast within Healthie. 

To start a chat with a single client (from the web browser) 

  1. Click "New" and search for your client. 
  2. Click their name to select them. 
  3. Click the "Start Conversation" button > type your message and hit "Send" 

To start a chat with multiple clients or a group (from the web browser) 

To add another client or group, scroll through your list of groups or clients, or use the search bar to search by name. Click the name. When multiple clients are selected, you'll have the option to send a Community Chat or Message Blast.

You can locate all of your chat messages in the "Chat" tab of Healthie. Use the "Search Conversations" feature at the top-left to quickly locate any chat. 

  • Groups with no members will not appear in your dropdown of options. 
  • If you have chat enabled with a client, they will be able to start a conversation with you. Clients will NOT be able to start a message blast or community chat. To contribute to a community (group) chat, the must already be added to the conversation by their wellness provider. 
  • If you create a group conversation, clients will know that there are other clients in a conversation. They will see each others' initials, not full names. Before creating a group conversation with multiple clients, please confirm that you are comfortable with this, and let clients know accordingly. 
  • By default, all new conversations are titled with your client's name. You can edit the conversation title at any time for your internal workflows and organization. Think of conversation titles like subject lines in emails.
  • Once a chat message has been sent, providers have the ability to see an indicator of whether the recipient of their chat message has 'seen' it (Note: Clients will NOT see this notification at this time. Only providers will be able to see if clients/recipients have viewed their message). You will see an "eye' icon next to the chat message when your client has seen it. 
  • You can automatically send a welcome message to new clients. Learn how here

All of your existing conversations will appear in the Chat section of Healthie, from the web browser or Healthie mobile app. 

Unread conversations are easy to identify, the text of these conversations will be entirely in bold, and they will also have a blue indicator next to them. Once you click on the conversation, it is automatically marked as "read," the blue indicator will disappear and the subject text line will no longer be bolded. 

When you send a chat message to a client (or team member), they'll receive a notification & email that they've received a new message. The email message will prompt them to log into Healthie from the web or Healthie mobile app to read (and respond) to the message. 

As a provider, you'll see an indicator noting when your client has "seen" your message. 

Edit or Delete a Conversation

Add or remove members from your conversation following these instructions: 

  1. Click on the desired conversation (you can also filter by community chat or 1x1)
  2. On the right side you can see all members of the community chat and add/remove participants:
  3. To add a member to the conversation, select their name from the scrollable list or start typing their name to select the client you wish to add. A pop-up notification will appear to confirm that you want to add the participant to the conversation before making the change. 

Note: Members removed from a conversation are completely removed, meaning they won’t have access to new messages or old messages. Only providers can edit a conversation. 

To DELETE a sent message: 

From a web browser, open a chat conversation, hover over a sent message, you'll see a small trash icon appear. Click the icon. From the provider perspective, you'll see a confirmation that the message has been deleted. Your client will not see this message. If you wish to delete an entire thread, we suggest that you archive the thread. 

Clients can also delete a message, but there will be an indicator that a chat has been deleted. If you need a chat that was deleted restored, please reach out to 

Archive a Conversation

Archive or hide chat conversation that no longer need a response.  

  1. Click on the conversation you no longer would like to see on the list of conversations 
  2. On the right side, you will see the "Archive" icon in the right-hand panel in your chat conversation. If you do not see "archive" in the side panel, then you may need to scroll down (there is a scroll bar to the right of the menu). Archiving a conversation does NOT delete the conversation. Your data will be saved, and you will have the ability to retrieve it if needed. Accessing archived conversations

You can access all Archived conversations within your chat inbox.

  • Go to your chat inbox from the web browser 
  • Click the drop-down arrow under "Visibility" 
  • Choose "Archived Conversations" 

You'll now be viewing all archived conversations. If you are viewing ALL conversations within your chat inbox, you can also search by a client's name. Both active and archived conversations will be displayed. 

Unarchiving a conversation

When you open an archived conversation, the right-hand side panel will now have an "Unarchive Conversation" button. Simply click this button and your conversation will be restored as an active conversation. 

Disable Chat or Adjust Chat Notifications 

By default, the Healthie provider who organized an individual or community chat will receive a notification every time there is a new entry within the chat. If you prefer to not be notified, you can disable chat notifications for individual and/or community chats for your account. Learn how providers and/or clients can Adjust Chat Notifications in their settings. 

Alternatively, there may be instances where you wish to completely disable direct messaging, or group chat participation for a client (or all clients). Learn how to Disable Chat

Advanced Functionality for Chat

Search Conversations

Quickly find a conversation by searching for it in the search box. You can search by the name of the conversations or by the members in a conversation. If you'd like to change the name of a conversation, you can do so by clicking the client's name or group name.

Start a Video Meeting

You can start a video meeting from a one on one conversation with a client by clicking the video chat button on the top right. Only providers can initiate a video meeting. 

Chat Menu Bar

Send an Image or Video

There may be instances in which you would like to share images and videos with your clients, and you are able to do this within Healthie's chat feature (as well as within the Documents feature). To send an image or video within a conversation, click the image icon on the bottom right then select an image or video.

File types supported include: .jpg,  .jpeg, .png, .gif  .mp4 format; mp4

You cannot drag & drop images into Healthie Chat conversations. Use the "attach file" option to upload your images to the conversation.

Send a File/Attachment

There may be instances in which you would like to share files/attachments with your clients, and you are able to do this within Healthie's chat feature. To send a file or attachment within a conversation, click the paperclip icon on the bottom right then select a file or attachment.

Send a Link

To send a link, click on the link icon and type in the link you would like to open and a display text. (Display text on top actual link on button) (All actual links must begin with “http://”, the display name can be anything. 

Ex. Display name:  Healthie. Actual link The message sent will be “Healthie”, Clicking on “Healthie” would open

Send a Video

To send a video click on the video icon then type in a Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, DailyMotion or Youku URL. Click the insert video button, then send. The video can be viewed right from the chat page!

Create an Ordered List 

To create an ordered list click the list button and start typing. Press enter/return when you ready for the next item in your list. When your list is complete press Send.

Add a Client or Team Member to a Chat 

Adjust the participants for a chat to add (or remove) another provider, team member, or client.

Create an Automatic Welcome Message 

Personalize your client's onboarding experience by enabling an automatic welcome message. This chat message will appear to clients when they first log into their Healthie platform, encouraging them to use Healthie Chat as a direct way to communicate with their provider. Add your own custom text to this message. Learn how

Additional Resources 

Join a Healthie Live Class to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and engaging with clients. Make the most of the Healthie platform with these free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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