Client Portal Settings

When a client is added to Healthie, they receive their access to their secure Client Portal. Their Client Portal allows them to securely work with their wellness provider and to maintain important aspects of their account (such as making payments, sharing documents, booking appointments, and more). 

In some cases, you may want to restrict a client from accessing certain aspects of their client portal (or taking certain actions). For example, perhaps in a child account, a parent would not like their child to access the "Billing" tab. 

Within Healthie, providers can customize which aspects of the Client Portal will display for a client. This is customizable on a per-client, group, or global basis. Learn about the different levels of settings here

Access Client Portal Settings in a Client's Account

  • Navigate to the Client's tab within Healthie > select your client 
  • From their profile go to Actions > Settings > Client Portal Settings

Here you'll see a list of Client Portal sections that your client will automatically have access to. To restrict their access, deselect the box next to the feature. Click SAVE to confirm these changes. You can revisit your client's profile at any time to modify. 

Client Portal Settings 

Uncheck the settings that you do not wish to apply to your client's account. If you wish to change these default settings for multiple/all clients, you may also adjust the settings for a group or as a global default. Learn how

  • View and pay bills 
  • Schedule appointments 
  • View and create goals 
  • View and create journal entries 
  • View and upload documents 
  • View and complete intake forms 
  • View care plans 
  • View and complete programs 
  • View and purchase packages 

If you would prefer a client to not be able to log into Healthie, please email to restrict client access. 

Client accounts can only be archived, not deleted within Healthie. Learn More: Active and Archived Clients

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