Collect Client Insurance Information

Healthie's Insurance information form enables you to request insurance information from clients during their onboarding process, while having information pre-populate into their Client Profile and Billing Forms, saving you time by eliminating duplicate data entry of insurance fields. Clients are able to manually enter their information, and/or take a picture of the front & back of their insurance card.


Manually add a client's insurance information to their profile

Navigate to Client's Profile > Actions > Insurance Information

You will be able to view existing insurance information on file for a client, modify existing insurance information, and add secondary insurance. 

“Type” field is available for each insurance policy with the options Primary, Secondary, or Inactive.  There can only be one Primary policy per client, and Primary policies are prioritized over Secondary policies. Other fields that you'll be prompted to complete regarding your client's policy: 

  • Relationship to policy holder 
  • Insurance type 
  • Insurance company phone number 
  • Insurance company address

Please note, these fields need to be properly completed in order to generate a CMS 1500 claim that will successfully processed by the client's insurer. 

If the relationship to the policy holder is anything other than "Self," a new set of fields will appear. You must collect the following information: 

  • Policy Holder's first & name 
  • Policy Holder's date of birth 
  • Policy Holder's address (if same as the client, can check the box "Use Client's Address" 
  • Policy Holder's gender (must indicate male or female for insurance purposes) 
  • Insurance details (member ID number, group number, plan, etc) 

While clients can do so themselves, providers can also upload pictures of the client's insurance card from their profile, under the Insurance tab. 

Add "Insurance Information" form request to your Intake Flow

Navigate to Forms > Intake Flow > Select Intake Flow > Add Form to Intake Flow > "Insurance Information"

When clients sign into Healthie to complete their intake forms, they will be prompted to enter their insurance information. Clients can add both primary and secondary insurance information through this intake form. 

Note: You will not see this form in your Form Library, since the Insurance Capture Form cannot be modified.

How clients input their insurance information

While completing their intake forms, clients will have two options to enter their insurance information. They can either:

  1. Manually enter policy details: 
    1. Relationship: is the client's relationship to the insured person (which may be self) 
    2. Policy Name: choose the corresponding insurance payer. For national payers, be sure to select the correct state/local payer. 
    3. Member ID Number 
    4. Group Number 
    5. Policy Phone Number: this is the phone number listed on the back of the client's insurance card 
  2. Take a picture of the front & back of their card
    1. Note, this is *Optional* and not possible to make required

If you need to enter any information regarding a phone call reference number for calls clients have with insurance companies, you will need to add a custom field for clients or yourself to fill this out. 

Where to view uploaded insurance information

Once a client has uploaded their insurance information, you are able to view this within their Client Profile, as well as within "Private Documents uploaded to Client" 

1. Within Client Profile > Select Client > Actions > Personal Information > Insurance Information

2. Within Client Profile > Select Client > Charting > Private documents

Images of insurance information will appear here. 

How insurance information is shared throughout Healthie

When you or a client enters insurance information in the pre-made fields (e.g., not an image), this information will pre-load in the Client's Profile and when you complete a CMS 1500 form. This will save you time with Billing completion and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. 

Auto Notify Provider when Insurance Eligibility is Expiring

Providers may forget to check when a client's insurance expires or is updated, and collecting the updated information or context may cause delays in billing.
Account admins can adjust permissions that will control the ability to allow the provider to automatically send notifications out to clients to request new insurance information when the insurance expiration date is approaching.
These settings can be found within Settings (top right gear icon) > Settings > Personal > Notifications. Scroll down to " Insurance" section.

When "Expiry Notifications" is selected:
  • If Expiry information is available, an email will be sent to the provider 2 weeks before insurance expiration
  • The email will include the insurance expiration date
  • From here, you can message your client and/or send them the Insurance Billing form for completion. Learn how to manually request a client (or multiple clients) to submit the Insurance Form within Healthie here.

When "New Insurance Added Notifications" is selected:
  • If a client's insurance is updated by the client via form, an email will be sent to the assigned provider
  • The email will include the insurance expiration date

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