Twilio and Healthie

Healthie utilizes Twilio to send SMS communications to your clients, and Sendgrid for e-mail communications to your clients. 

Prerequisites for being able to connect Twilio with Healthie, in order to use your own phone number to send and receive SMS communications include:

The advantages of connecting your Twilio account with Healthie are to:

  • Use your own phone number to send and receive SMS communications
  • Leverage other capabilities & integrations that Twilio offers with the same number that clients will receive important communications (via Healthie's SMS capabilities) from
  • With the Twilio you can edit the content of the SMS appointment reminders. You would make these updates at the appointment type level. 

If you are interested in having Healthie set this connection up for you, please send the following to with subject line "Twilio":

  • Phone number of your Twilio account
  • Twilio API key ID (Security Identifier)
  • Auth token

Please Note: there is a verification process for local and toll-free numbers. This verification process takes place on Twilio's side, and may take several weeks to validate. Healthie cannot impact or speed-up that timeline. 

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