Text message (SMS) notifications

Healthie makes it easy to automatically send text (SMS) reminders to clients for upcoming appointments. There is no additional charge for appointment confirmation and reminder texts, and there is no limit to the number of messages that can be sent on your behalf. 


Setting up text reminders for appointments

In addition to sending email appointment reminders to your clients, you can also automate text appointment reminders. You can customize the frequency of these reminders within your settings, or disable them altogether. Text reminders can be especially powerful for clients who do not currently have an email address on file. 

To adjust your client text (SMS) appointment reminders: 

  • Settings > Appointments > Appointment Alerts
  • Under "Appointment reminder texts" select the timing and frequency of the SMS text appointment reminders you'd like clients to receive. 

You can choose to send your client up to 4 text reminders. The timing of appointment reminders include: 

  • One day before 
  • Two days before 
  • Three days before 
  • Four days before

Appointment confirmations or cancellations via text 

If you've enabled your client to receive SMS appointment reminders, you can enable an additional setting to allow clients to confirm or cancel in response to an appointment reminder text. This can help to reduce late cancellations and no-shows for appointments. 

To enable this setting, navigate to: 

  • Settings > Appointments > Confirmations & Cancellation
  • Click the "Edit" option
  • Locate "Clients can confirm or cancel via text message" > YES 
  • Save your preferences

If you have a cancellation timing limit in place via your settings (ie. cancellations are not possible within 24h of a scheduled appointment), then your policy will be upheld when clients attempt to cancel via text message. 

Additionally, providers will receive a notification email when a client has cancelled an appointment (including SMS cancellations) 

Phone number information for SMS

  • Texts are sent from a No-Reply, Generic Phone number
  • Clients cannot respond to these SMS messages
  • Healthie does not yet offer the ability to customize the phone number of your SMS message. This will be offered in a future update. Appointment confirmations and reminders are sent from a No Reply Generic Phone number, and clients cannot respond to these texts.
  • Text reminders cannot currently be customized. The text of text reminders is "Your session with [Company Name] is scheduled for [Date], [Time and Timezone]. To view details, visit [appointment link]. 
  • The language of text reminders cannot currently be customized. If this becomes available, we will update this post. 
  • All text reminders are sent out around 1:30pm EST each day. If an appointment is scheduled for the following day, but after that time, no text reminder is sent (email reminders will still be sent).

Client opt-out for text reminders

Clients can opt out of text reminders at any time by replying "Stop" or "Unsubscribe"

Asking clients to confirm a session via SMS

If you'd like to enable clients to reply "YES" or "NO" to confirm or request to cancel a session, please message our support (hello@gethealthie.com) and we can enable this for you. This is available on Practice Plus subscription levels and above. 

If you enable this, in addition to appointment information, clients will see "Reply Y to confirm or N to cancel".

When they reply to that, they get a confirmation action based on the action they chose, or "We did not understand your response. Please send Y to confirm, and N to cancel" if they did not send Y or N. 

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