Getting Started: Emails to clients

Healthie's platform automates emails to clients, to save providers time on back-office administrative tasks. 

This article walks through the types of emails available for providers to customize and automate. 


Important aspects of sending emails via Healthie

  • Emails from Healthie are white-labeled meaning that they contain your company's brand and logo by default. 
  • If a client responds to an email from the Healthie system, responses will go to your email inbox (the email address that you have on file for your Healthie account). 
  • The email is by default sent *from*, unless you are on our organization plan, in which case emails are sent from your email domain directly if included as part of your membership. 

Emails that Healthie sends automatically on your behalf

Client Invite (Welcome Email) 

  • This email is automatically sent to clients when you manually add them to the Healthie platform through the Client tab of Healthie. We recommend adding an introduction to your practice and talk about how you'll use this platform in your practice. 
  • This email contains a link that clients can click, to set their account password and begin completing intake forms. 
  • The Welcome Email does NOT send to clients if they onboard by self-booking an appointment or purchasing a package (ie. directly from your website). 

Appointment Confirmed

  • This email is sent to a client when you or they book an appointment. 
  • This email is automatically delivered, and you do not need to enable this within the platform. 
  • This email will automatically include key information about your appointment, like the date and time, including AM/PM and timezone of appointment. You can add additional text the text of this email in the Email settings tab within Healthie.
  • Links are included for you client to add their appointment directly to their iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar.

Appointment Reminder 

  • This email is sent to a client in advance of a session to remind them of an upcoming appointment scheduled with you.
  • This email is automatically delivered, once you have enabled appointment reminders in your account. You can enable this in  Appointment Settings and adjust the timing of these reminders (1, 2, 3 or 4 days in advance of a session). You also have the option to enable a text message reminder here. 
  • If the session will be held virtually, the appointment reminder email will automatically include a link to access the video call session (e.g., Zoom link if via Zoom, link to join Telehealth call if via Healthie Telehealth). 

Appointment Cancelled 

  • This email is sent to a client if a provider has cancelled their appointment. 
  • It includes a "Schedule Another Session" button 
  • Cancellation emails are not available in Email Templates, and cannot be modified at this time.
  •  it is not possible to not send an e-mail when cancelling an appointment. 

Client books from your website or purchases package from your website ("Embeddable Appointment Created")

  • This is an email sent to NEW clients who do not have a Healthie account connected to you. 
  • These emails are often similar to the Welcome Email, but you may want to adjust the text slightly to reflect the fact that a client is being added to the Healthie platform from your website, versus you manually adding them. 
  • When a client receives this email, it will automatically contain a link, that clients can click, to set an account password and complete the intake forms that you have set up. 
  • You can tie a specific package to a specific group, to a specific email, if you have multiple intake flows. 

Package Purchased

  • This is an email sent to Clients who purchase a package from you, and emails can be customized on a per-package basis
  • You may want to add package-specific information for the client to read in this email. 
  • If this the client is NEW to Healthie, they will also receive, the "Package Purchased" email will also contain a button prompting the client to create their Healthie Client account. 

Program Emails 

  • When a client joins a new program, you can curate the welcome message that they receive. Use this email to help introduce your program and what enrolled participants can expect. 
  • As part of your program, you can include "emails" to release as a module. You can view and edit all of your in-program emails here. 

Reactivation Emails 

  • Healthie enables providers to send out emails to clients who have been inactive on the platform for a certain number of days. 
  • This must be manually set up, and emails do not get sent out unless you have explicitly set these up.

Customizing Your Automatic Emails to Clients 

Within Healthie, you have the ability to edit the email content that your clients will receive. This allows you to ensure that each email your client receives reflects your brand and business. Share important business information, provide additional resources, and help clients feel supported through your personalized email messages. 

To get started with editing/customizing your email templates: 

  • Click on the "Settings" tool on the top right of Healthie's web platform
  • Select "Email Templates" from the left-hand side panel under "Features" 
  • Select the Email template you would like to modify

Within each email category (Client Invite, Appointment Confirmed, Appointment Reminder, etc) there may be several different emails to send. For example, in the "Appointment Reminder" category, you can customize a different email to send for EACH appointment type that you offer. 

If there are multiple emails in a category, simply click the dropdown box to find the email that you would like to edit. 

An important feature is the ability to PREVIEW the email templates that you've created. By clicking the "Preview" button on the top right, a box will appear displaying your email  as your clients will view it. As mentioned earlier, if you have a logo uploaded for your business, then it will automatically display in the body of your email. 

Within Healthie, we make it easy for providers to understand how/when new clients are prompted to set up their Healthie account. 

When a NEW client books an appointment, or purchases a package through an embed link, they will receive a confirmation email & are automatically added within Healthie. 

Providers can use the "Preview" feature to toggle between a preview of what an email will look like for both NEW clients and EXISTING clients. 

  • Settings > Email templates
  • Select the email template you'd like to view > Preview 
  • On the top of the preview screen, you'll see a drop-down menu. Switch between the two view options (new client, existing client) to see what their version of the email will look like. 

For specific emails, you'll notice that new clients will see a "Set Up Account" button. While internally a Healthie account has already been created for them, the set up steps will prompt them to create a password for their account. New clients are then able to log into Healthie with their email address and password.

Learn more about inviting clients to Healthie here

Other Email Notifications sent by Healthie

Healthie will automatically send your clients notifications when you take certain actions on the platform so that clients know to log into the portal to take a particular action. These include:

  • Sending a message through Healthie
  • Sharing a document through Healthie
  • Sharing an education module through Healthie
  • Goal reminders
  • When you comment on an entry

At this time, you are not able to automate an email to send to clients post-appointment; this is in our product pipeline as a future update, however. You can trigger a form to send right after the appointment, or schedule a chat message to send within the platform.

Email FAQs

Can I send a non-automated/one-off email to a client?

At this time, you are only able to send automated emails to clients through Healthie. Sending custom emails to clients is on our product roadmap as a future update. 

Alternatively, you can send a chat message to your client through the Healthie Chat feature.  Your client will receive an email notifying them they have received a chat message, and they can log into Healthie to view and respond to messages. 

Can I embed photos or videos into my emails?

At this time, we don't have the capability for you to embed images in the email templates. This is on our roadmap, so please check this article to see when the update has been made. 

Can I customize the subject lines of emails? 

We have released the limited ability for web white-label members to adjust the Subject Lines of some e-mail types, to be a static e-mail Subject (for example, an e-mail Subject Line that would not include an appointment's date/time, or the name of a specific provider in an organization)

This capability can be applied to the:

  • Appointment Confirmation E-mail
  • Appointment Created E-mail
  • Appointment Reminder E-mail
  • Embeddable Appointment E-mail
  • Appointment No Show E-mail

If you would like this to be enabled, please e-mail with the appointment e-mail type, and the subject line that you would like included in the subject. 

Can I turn off emails to clients? 

Emails to clients can be disabled for members on our Enterprise Plan

We strongly discourage turning off all client e-mails unless you leverage Healthie's API to trigger particular e-mails. Doing so may mean that your clients do not receive important notifications about their work with you. 

Can we disable all Healthie emails that go to clients, but leave all emails that go to providers enabled?

No, emails can either be left on for clients and providers, or disabled for everyone. 

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