Overview: E-mails to clients

E-mails to clients

Healthie's platform automates e-mails to clients, to save providers time on back-office administrative tasks. This article walks through the types of e-mails available for providers to customize and automate. 

Some notes about E-mails through Healthie: 
  • E-mails from Healthie are white-labeled, and contain your company's brand and logo. 
  • If a client responds to an e-mail from the Healthie system, responses will go to your e-mail inbox (the e-mail address that you have on file for your Healthie account). 
  • The e-mail is by default sent *from* hello@gethealthie.com, unless you are on our organization plan, in which case e-mails are sent from your e-mail domain directly if included as part of your membership. 

Here is a list of e-mails that Healthie can send on your behalf: 

  • Welcome E-mail
    • This e-mail is automatically sent to clients when you add them to the Healthie platform through the Client tab of Healthie. We recommend adding an introduction of your practice, and talk about how you'll use this platform in your practice. This e-mail contains a link that clients can click, to set their account password and begin completing intake forms. 
  • Appointment Confirmation
    • This e-mail is sent to a client when you or they books an appointment. 
    • This e-mail is automatically delivered, and you do not need to enable this within the platform. 
    • This e-mail will automatically include key information about your appointment, like the date and time. You can add additional text the text of this e-mail in the E-mail settings tab within Healthie
  • Client books from your website or purchases package from your website ("Embeddable Appointment Created")
    • This is an e-mail sent to NEW clients who do not have a Healthie account connected to you. 
    • These e-mails are often similar to the Welcome E-mail, but you may want to adjust the text slightly to reflect the fact that a client is being added to the Healthie platform from your website, versus you manually adding them. 
    • When a client receives this e-mail, it will automatically contain a link, that clients can click, to set an account password and complete the intake forms that you have set up. 
    • You can tie a specific package to a specific group, to a specific e-mail, if you have multiple intake flows. 
  • Client purchases a package
    • This is an e-mail sent to Clients who purchase a package from you, and e-mails can be customized on a per-package basis
    • You may want to add package-specific information for the client to read in this e-mail. 
  • Reactivation E-mails (Practice Plus Plan & Above) 
    • Healthie enables providers to send out e-mails to clients who have been inactive on the platform for a certain number of days. 
    • This must be manually set up, and e-mails do not get sent out unless you have explicitly set these up. 
  • Appointment Reminder 
    • This e-mail is sent to a client in advance of a session to remind them of an upcoming appointment scheduled with you.
    • This e-mail is automatically delivered, once you have enabled appointment reminders in your account. You can enable this in  Appointment Settings and adjust the timing of these reminders (1, 2, 3 or 4 days in advance of a session). You also have the option to enable a text message reminder here. 
    • If the session will be held virtually, the appointment reminder e-mail will automatically include a link to access the video call session (e.g., Zoom link if via Zoom, link to join Telehealth call if via Healthie Telehealth). 
To edit e-mails within Healthie
  • Click on the "Settings" bar on the top right of Healthie's web platform
  • Select "E-mail" 
  • Select the E-mail template you would like to modify

Customizing the text of specific

Other E-mail Notifications sent by Healthie

Healthie will send your clients notifications when you take certain actions on the platform, so that clients know to log into the portal to take a particular action. These include:

  • Sending a message through Healthie
  • Sharing a document through Healthie
  • Sharing an education module through Healthie
  • A goal reminder
  • When you comment on an entry