Client Onboarding FAQs

Run through this troubleshooting guide in the case that clients are telling you they are unable to access their Healthie account. 


Client never activated their account

There are a few actions that will trigger an activation email being sent to a client. First, they should receive the email when you manually add their profile to Healthie and send the activation email. Second, they can receive an activation email if they book an appointment or purchase a package through an embeddable link on your website. 

If a client cannot sign into their account, be sure that clients have actually clicked on the activation link to create their Healthie account. Some clients may believe that simply purchasing the package or booking an appointment will create the account; but this is not the case. 

Client is missing the activation email or the link has expired

If your clients do not see the activation email in their inbox, or this link has expired, they should: 

  • Check their spam / promotions folder OR 
  • Reset your password to trigger an email to your inbox OR
  • Check other email address inboxes that they have, to confirm that they are in the email inbox that they gave to you OR
  • E-mail you directly, to request that you resend their invite link

Note: If clients are using a work-related or university e-mail address, sometimes restrictions and privacy settings will prevent Healthie e-mails from reaching their inbox. In this instance, please reach out to your system administrator to enable emails from 

Email or Password is Incorrect

E-mail address: If a client would like to change the email address that they use to log into Healthie, they will need to reach out to you. You can change the email address they use to log in, as clients are not able to do this directly.

Password: Clients can reset their password here. Here is some additional information on the reset password process.   

Email is Already in Use

As the provider, verify that there are no client accounts with that email already in use. Be sure to verify that the client also did not accidentally sign up for a provider account, which may occur if they do not use your invite link to sign up, but rather go through the Healthie website to sign up; this would lead them to sign up for a provider account. 

In some cases, providers may also need to sign up for a client account. At the moment, they have to use a different email than the one they use to log into their provider account. 

Pages are Lagging or Not Loading

We recommend ensuring that your client’s computer has sufficient memory in order to operate Healthie. If they are experiencing any lagging in page loading, we recommend closing any unnecessary tabs and applications that may be taking internal server space on their computer, and possibly even restarting their computer / mobile device to force a close on programs that may be running in the background. 

You can send clients this guide to getting their Healthie account set up so they can refer back to it whenever necessary. Additionally, clients can find a comprehensive help guide to their Healthie accounts here, to leverage in case of any questions or troubles they have while working with you. 

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