Overview: Inviting a client to Healthie

After setting up your Healthie account, you are ready to start working with clients. This article walks through the process of enabling clients to work with you via Healthie. Clients can access their Healthie Client Portal from both the web browser and the mobile app, available for iOS and Android. It's the same website login, and app, that you use as a wellness provider, but clients will use their own email and password to log in. 


Adding a new client to Healthie

There are a few ways that clients get added to your Healthie account. You can manually add a client, or they can be added automatically when they purchase a package or book an appointment for the first time. If a client is added through a package or appointment booking, you will receive an email notification. 

The most direct way to manually add a client to Healthie: 

  • Navigate to the "Clients" tab on your provider dashboard
  • Click the blue "Add Client" button on the right-hand side 
  • Add your client's details. If you don't have this information, you can always collect it later and update their profile. However, you MUST enter a client's email address if you would like them to receive the invitation to join Healthie, email appointment reminders, and have access to your Intake Flow (any electronic paperwork you've created). 

Once you add a client to Healthie, they will receive an invitation email and are prompted to create a password to login to their Healthie Client Portal. Learn more here about working with clients on Healthie, including how to book an appointment for your client, and how to charge them for a package. 

Need to import clients? 

If you have clients listed in a spreadsheet, or if you’d like to move clients over from another software system, the Healthie team can help you. Email us at hello@gethealthie.com and include details about what you’d like to do.

Send an "invite link" to a client 

Rather than add a client manually, you can also provide a client with your unique invite link. When you send a client an invite link, they will be taken to a page to set up a password and complete any intake forms that you have associated with their group. 

  • "Clients" page > "Add Client" button > Scroll to the bottom to find your "Invite Links" by Group
  • Choose the group you would like to put this client into 
  • Copy the link by clicking the blue "copy" icon. The URL will be copied to your clipboard 

Special cases when working with clients 

While Healthie is designed for clients and wellness providers to connect and engage through the Healthie portal, we understand this may not always be the case. 

Client doesn't have an email address

You can add a client to Healthie without entering an email address, simply add the client and leave the email field blank. 

You may want to do this in the event that you do not have their email address at the moment, or your client does not have an email address. If you add a client without and email address, you can always update their client profile to add one in the future. Without adding an email address, your client will not be able to access their client portal, complete electronic forms, receive important email notifications from Healthie (ie. email appointment reminders, receipts for purchases, etc.)

As an alternative for sending appointment reminders, you can use the client's phone number and customize your appointment notifications to send an SMS message. Learn more about Appointment Settings here

For intake forms, you can always have a printed copy of your paperwork in office for your client to physically complete, and then upload the paperwork into your client's profile under "Private Documents." This can also be done for any lab work, test results, referrals, or other important paperwork your client provides you. 

Client is a child/minor 

For practitioners that work with pediatric clients, the child may not have an email address or you would rather have the parent as the main contact person. Learn more about working with families via Healthie here

Change a client's email address

In some instances, you may need to update or change the email address for your client. 

To change the email address associated with your client's account:

  • Navigate to the Clients tab and select the client
  • Go to "Actions" from the top profile menu 
  • Expand the "Personal Information" section 
  • Update the "Email" field 

You'll also notice in this section, options to:

Create a client "care team" 

You can assign multiple providers in your organization to be associated with a single client. When a client is "assigned" to a provider, that provider will now need updates (ie. new metrics, journal entries) in their provider "newsfeed," and will have the ability to message directly with the client. This feature essentially allows you to build a client "Care Team."  

To assign multiple providers to a client's account:

  • Navigate to the Clients tab and select the client
  • Go to "Actions" from the top profile menu 
  • Expand the "Personal Information" section 
  • Change the main provider (if needed) and select "Other care team members" from the drop-down menu 

In some cases, a client will already be working with another wellness professional on Healthie, who is not a part of your organization. In this case, your client will be able to use the same email to log in to their account, and can easily toggle between their separate Healthie "Client Portals." However, any information within your client profile/account will not be affected by the other wellness provider. Your client will have two separate accounts that they can switch between -- and the other wellness provider will not appear in the "Care Team" option. 

Prevent "pre-fill" from occurring when adding a new client 

If you use a browser extensions such as password managers, and have enabled a setting like "Automatically fill in login information, you could see your information, fill into Healthie client fields. In this instance, please work with your password manager directly to disable this automation for a specific site.

For example, if you use LastPass, here are instructions to do this: 


We also encourage you to make sure you do not have auto-fill enabled in your browser:


Live support for client onboarding

If you're just getting started with Healthie, we suggest that you join the following Live Classes to best learn the Healthie features and to learn how your clients will onboard and experience the Healthie platform. Our Live Classes recur weekly and are open to all members. 

Join our Live Classes below: 

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