Adding a client without an email address

Healthie enables providers to create a client profile for an individual without requiring an email address. 

In this instance, you will still be able to chart on clients and keep internal notes for your business. Additionally, you will still be able to bill for a client and charge credit cards for services rendered. However, clients will not be able to log into the Healthie platform without an email address, will not be able to log their food and metrics, will not be able to join a telehealth session, and will not receive any notifications that may be sent on your behalf (e.g., appointment confirmation e-mails). 


Add a client without an email address

Simply add the client and leave the email field blank. You will be able to add an email address at a later date if you choose. 

  • Clients tab on your dashboard 
  • Click "Add Client" 
  • Fill out client information, leaving the email field blank 

Working with clients without an email address 

While your client won't be able to log in to their Healthie client portal, you can still effectively utilize Healthie's features to work with your client. Complete essential tasks like collecting paperwork, collect payments and send automated appointment reminders. 

Send text appointment reminders 

As an alternative for sending appointment reminders, you can use the client's phone number and customize your appointment notifications to send an SMS message. Learn more about Appointment Settings here

Upload intake forms and documents to their client chart

For intake forms, you can always have a printed copy of your paperwork in office for your client to physically complete, and then upload the paperwork into your client's profile under " Private Documents." This can also be done for any lab work, test results, referrals, or other important paperwork your client provides you. 

Add a credit card for your client so that you can charge them for services

  • Navigate to the Clients tab and select the client
  • Scroll down on the "Overview" tab to the "Add Card" section
  • Fill in your client's credit card information 

Mark an outside payment for your billing records

If your client has paid you via cash, check, or another form of outside payment, you can still keep track of their payments for your records. Learn how to mark an outside payment here. 

  • Navigate to the Clients tab and select the client
  • Click the "Billing" tab in the top client profile menu 
  • Click the "Outside Payment" button 
  • Fill in your outside payment details and make any notes for your records

Add a client email address retroactively

If you would like to add an e-mail address (and send a welcome e-mail for the client to login) follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the Clients tab and select the client
  • Go to "Actions" from the top profile menu 
  • Expand the "Personal Information" section 
  • Update the "Email" field 
  • Select "Save"
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