Activity Tracking in Healthie

Activity journaling is an optional setting within Healthie that allows clients to log exercise entries, and sync their wearable technology to automatically track fitness information. Providers can review these entries within a client’s journal feed. 


Enable Activity Tracking for Clients

Like other Journal Entries within Healthie, Activity Tracking can be enabled on a global, group, and per client basis. You can enable / disable activity tracking within your Journal Settings

To enable activity tracking, ensure the box is checked next to the setting, and update your settings to enable water intake tracking for your clients.

  • Navigate to your client's account
  • Select "Actions" from the menu
  • Next to "Client Info" which shows by default, you'll be able to click "Client Settings"

How a Client Logs an Activity

Once enabled, clients will see the "Activity" entry type within their account when logged into Healthie from both the web browser and the mobile app. 

Upon clicking the entry, clients are prompted to select the date and time for the entry, as well as what type of activity they were completing. This can include:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Weights
  • Yoga 
  • Meditation
  • Walking 
  • Other

Clients can select an intensity for their workout on a scale of 1-10, and add a comment. 

Note: If a client did not indicate an intensity level, this information will not be displayed. We suggest you recommend to your clients to add an intensity level to their activity entries when logging if you'd like to see this information. Additionally, if the activity log was pulled in from a fitness tracker (ie. an Apple Watch) that the client has synced, an intensity level will not be documented, as the fitness device does not capture this information. 

Integrating with Wearable Health & Activity Trackers

Healthie integrates with many popular wearables, devices, remote patient monitoring trackers, bluetooth scales, and other smart tools, to make it easy to monitor progress between sessions. Exercise data can be pulled directly into Healthie. Any journal entry pulled from an integrating will note which device the data has been synced from. 

 Learn how to help your clients sync their wearable devices with Healthie here

View a Client’s Activity Entries

To review your client's symptom entries, navigate to their Client Profile > Journaling > Use the "Activity" filter 

As a provider, when an entry is logged, you'll see an indication of the date/time of the logged entry, the activity logged, and can comment or react directly on the entry.

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