Getting Started: Journal entries

Healthie's Journaling feature enables clients to log key nutrition and lifestyle information into their platform. As a provider, you are able to customize this experience for your clients, as well as view, comment, and react to client entries as part of providing longitudinal engagement with your clients to augment care. 
If you work with clients that have eating disorders, Healthie offers a specific setting that will adjust the experience for these clients. Learn more


Overview: entries your clients can track

Healthie enables clients to log food, selfies, workouts, metrics (incl., and other health information that you may want to review. The ability for clients to journal can be turned on / off by you, and managed on a per-feature basis based on the care that you are providing. Fields are optional, and can be included / excluded by the client.

  • Food: Clients can take pictures of meals, indicate hungriness and healthiness, special settings for eating disorders, write comments, write a description, and a reflection.
  • Nutrients: Clients can log meals via Healthie's integration with the USDA food database. Read more about nutrient tracking
  • Notes: Clients can share a written journal entry, symptom, progress update, thoughts or more. 
  • Selfies / "Healthies":  Clients can take pictures of themselves and watch progress unfold over time. 
  • Activity: Clients can log their workouts or activity, including type of activity and intensity. 
    • Workout types include: Running, Walking, Yoga, Meditation, Weights, Swimming, Cycling, Other
    • Intensity can be logged on a scale from 1-10, with 1 indicating low intensity and 10 being highest intensity
  • Metrics: Clients can log metrics that providers request, most commonly including weight, BMR, waist circumference.  You can also create custom metrics, which may include measures like Sleep (hours), Stress level (rating 1-10), and other numerical scales.
  • Integrate with Wearables: Clients can connect Healthie with devices to automatically pull in health information for your review. 

The image above is of the CLIENT dashboard view. When your client logs into Healthie, this is the main screen they will see, and how they will be able to log their entries from the web portal. In general however, clients prefer the convenience of logging from the Healthie mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Clients will download the same app as providers, but login with their client credentials. 

While clients are able to upload photos of their entries as relevant, at this time, clients cannot upload videos to their entries.

Where you can view your client's entries 

  • Home Feed: This will show all of your clients most recent activity on your homepage, within the web platform and mobile app.
  • Journal: In the client portal, you can see the specific client's activity including food journal, metrics, workouts, and selfies 
  • Reports: You can generate reports for a clients' appointment history and total activity for things like the number of journal entries, goals posted, comments, and more. Learn more about the Client Activity Report

If your client's journal entry has come from Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, or another integration, a tag will appear next to the journal entry indicating that the entry came from a sync from an external device. 

Engaging with clients through journal entries 

As a provider, you have the ability to comment on client journal entries, as well as provide "quick reactions" to posts. 


You can provide feedback and support directly on a client's journal entry with a comment. 

  • Clients can enable/disable whether they receive a notification when you leave a comment, by logging into their web platform > Notifications, and enabling/disabling "A provider writes a comment on a journal entry" - This is turned on by default for clients 

Quick reactions 

In lieu of providing a detailed comment, quick reactions may be useful to acknowledge that you've seen a post and to provide non-verbal feedback to guide a client

  • Clients can enable/disable whether they receive a notification when you leave a quick reaction, by logging into their web platform > Notifications, and enabling/disabling "A provider adds an emoji to a journal entry" - This is turned on by default for clients 

Adjusting settings for client tracking

You can set defaults for what you'd like clients to track. Learn how to adjust these defaults on the global, group, and individual level here

Food Journal Feature: Client Settings

Capture information logged from clients through Healthie's photo food journaling tool. Below is a review of journaling capabilities that can be customized for your client(s). 

Note: most clients prefer the convenience of food logging from the Healthie mobile app for iOS or Android phones. If your client has not done so already, you can recommend they download the app by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store.

Here you can see an example of "Food Journal" settings within Healthie, with the available settings options that can be enabled/disabled. 

And here is an example of what your clients will see when logging an entry from the Healthie mobile app (with all journaling features enabled). Journaling is designed to be intuitive, easy, and engaging for clients. 

Review of available food journal settings  

Client can take pictures of food and comment: 

Enable clients to log photos of their meals, either by enabling access to their camera in real-time, or by uploading a photo from their library. Clients can choose to leave the photo blank, and only provide a comment, in instances where they perhaps forgot to capture a photo of their meal. 

Meal Healthiness: 

Clients can log their perceived healthiness of their meal, using simple emojis for a quick-logging experience. 

  • Healthy
  • Not healthy  
  • Fair 

Meal Hungriness: 

To capture general hunger levels from clients, this setting will prompt clients to provide their hunger level as:

  • Not hungry 
  • Somewhat hungry 
  • Very hungry

Pre-meal and post-meal hunger: 

To capture detailed hunger levels, clients can designate pre- and post- meal hungriness on a scale of 1 - 10, which is shown as a numerical indicator to you as a provider (e.g., 3 > 7)

  • 1 = Ravenous
  • 2 = Over-hungry 
  • 3 = Strong signals to eat, hungry 
  • 4 = Slight hungry 
  • 5 = Neutral, not hungry or full 
  • 6 = Slightly satisfied
  • 7 = Fully satisfied
  • 8 = A little overfull 
  • 9 = Stuffed
  • 10 = Sick, painful 

Emotions surrounding meal:

In another quick-emoji style, clients can be prompted to select a mood associated with their meal.

  • Happy 
  • Stressed 
  • Tired 
  • Confident 
  • Anxious

Thoughts after eating: 

This provides a free-text box that your client can provide more detailed reflections or insights surrounding their meal. This is generally viewed as separate from the "Comment" box, which is usually designated as a place to provide a description of their meal.

TIP: For clinicians working with clients that have eating disorders, Healthie has a default setting "Eating Disorder" that will automatically adjust the client logging and journaling experience. Learn more here

Forthcoming updates to Journal Tracking

It is on our radar to release additional capabilities to Nutrition & Lifestyle Tracking. These will include:

  • Water Tracking
  • Poop / Bowel Movements Tracking
  • Symptoms Tracking
  • Fertility / Menstrual Cycles

We will update this post when these become available.

Additional Resources 

This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie Journal Entries, including your client's experience with journaling -- both from the web browser and the Healthie mobile app. 

Prefer to learn live? 

Join a Healthie Live Class to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and engaging with clients. Make the most of the Healthie platform with these free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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