Controlled Substances EPCS

Healthie has rolled out the EPCS integration with DoseSpot as an add-on to your Healthie plan, which enables clinicians to prescribe controlled substances electronically on behalf of their patients. 

Enabling electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) is a multi-step process that requires an in-depth identity verification process with our partner at DoseSpot, using additional external third-party integration with Experian. Additionally, Two Factor Authentication needs to be enabled for your account, via DUO mobile (an app you will download to your mobile device). The timeline for this verification process can vary, but in some cases may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Currently, EPCS is only available to members of our Enterprise Plan

If you are a member of an Enterprise account and would like to request EPCS permissions, please email


Cost for enrolling in EPCS

There is a fee of  $40/provider/month to enroll in E-Rx. EPCS permissions has an add-on fee of +$20/provider/month, and there is an additional approval process will occur on your behalf.

There are no costs for adding Proxy roles to your account. 

Enable E-Rx + EPCS for a Prescriber

There is an approval process from Healthie's integration partner, DoseSpot, in order to set up E-Rx within Healthie. Verification of your professional credentials will be required. In order to get started, please complete our E-Rx Application Form with your business & personal information, including your DEA number. If you are part of an organization, please check with your account admin to see if there is an E-Rx application unique to your team. 

Once your application is received, it will be sent to DoseSpot for review and approval, which typically takes 24-48 hours. Our team will contact you to notify you of the status of that approval process.

After receiving approval from DoseSpot, there are additional identity proofing steps needed to become EPCS approved, which may take an additional 5+ business days. Providers will have access to prescribe non-controlled substances in the interim. However, the identify verification process could potentially take longer, depending if all information properly matches when Experian runs the check.

Required information for EPCS enrollment: 

  • Standard information needed for E-Rx (Provider legal name, NPI number, date of birth (and clinic/organization contact information) 
  • An active fax number for the prescribing provider (can be the same as the organizations, but we will need a fax line) 
  • Mailing address for the prescribing provider (potentially Experience will need to send a letter to the prescriber's mailing address as part of the identify verification process) 
  • Mobile phone number (this will be added later, directly within Healthie, as part of Two Factor Authentication) 
  • DEA number 

The enrollment process for EPCS is a 3-step process, including: License Agreement, Identity Verification Process (IDP), and Two Factor Authentication Set Up. We walk through these steps in detail below and will help guide you through the process.

1. Enrollment Start + Accept License Agreements 

When completing Healthie's E-Rx application, please indicate if you need EPCS permissions for a provider (or more than one provider). Once your application is received, our integration partner, DoseSpot, will initiate the Identity Proofing process (IDP).

After that step is complete, further steps by both the provider and Healthie Support team are required. 

Once E-Rx is enabled for your account, you will receive an email notification for the Healthie Support team. At this time, you will be prompted to accept a license agreement. 

  • Log in to Healthie
  • Navigate to a client's profile
  • Scroll to the e-prescriptions section
  • Click the "Add and Manage Prescriptions" button
  • Accept the 3 agreements on the first screen (if you have not done so already) 
  • Click on the exclamation point icon within that area and follow prompts from there. 


2. Complete Identify Verification Process

This verification step requires information from the provider including a credit card number, social security number, and driver's license. 

This is part of DoseSpot's identity verification process in partnership with Experian. This type of identity proofing is a common practice for detecting fraud and establishing the validity of the individual's identity. The prescriber’s credit card is run through Experian to verify that they are who they are and that their information matches up with the information on the credit card/report. The card is not charged nor is it kept on record. This is done for the prescriber’s protection from fraudulent activity. A soft inquiry is placed on the report and does not affect your credit score or your ability to borrow.

To initiate the Identify Verification Process (IDP): 

  • Log in to Healthie
  • Navigate to a client's profile
  • Scroll to the e-prescriptions section
  • Click the "Add and Manage Prescriptions" button
  • Click on the exclamation point icon within that area and follow prompts from there. 


If your initial attempt at identity verification is not successful, you will be prompted to wait for a physical letter from Experian in the mail as an alternative method of verifying your identity. 

3. Set up Two-Factor Authentication

Once your identify has been verified, Two-factor authentication (TFA) is required in order to prescribe controlled substances. To enable TFA, prescribers will need to activate a DUO Mobile account. There is an initial setup process for enabling DUO Mobile.

Note: you will need to have the letter from Experian on-hand for your reference code in order to complete the setup process.

Once you have your verification letter, please go to any client's profile and click the "Add and Manage Prescriptions" button. This will bring you into the e-prescribing area.

Click the small circle with an exclamation mark inside of it near the top left of the page (as shown in the screenshot below, on the left side of the dark blue bar). 


You will see a popup that includes some clickable blue text.

Link your mobile phone number & agree to terms

You'll need to give permission to receive text messages from DUO Mobile. When prescribing a controlled substance, you will be prompted to verify your identity. You will open the DUO Mobile app and get a verification code. You will then enter this code to authenticate the prescription. This is a necessary step to prevent anyone besides yourself from prescribing a controlled substance.

Your mobile number will be linked to your account and DUO Mobile. At this point, there are TWO text messages you should receive from Duo Mobile. One is the link to download the app, and the second is the link your Duo Mobile account with DoseSpot.

When installing the DUO mobile app, please use the same mobile number you provided to Healthie.

DUO Mobile Activation - Step 2

Complete the identity verification process

Once DoseSpot receives your request to prescribe controlled substances, a validation process will happen via Experian. Experian will sometimes mail a letter to the address you provided if you aren't able to initially complete the Identify Verification Process. This letter will contain a Reference Number.

Enter your reference number from the Experian letter (skip if the reference number box pre-populated), as well as the TFA code from the Duo Mobile app.

Lastly, you'll need to enter a PIN (personal identification number) that you create. You should see a "Set Pin" option to create your new PIN. Please keep your PIN in a safe place as you will need it every time you wish to process a prescription for a controlled substance. You will use the same PIN ever time you place an order for a controlled substance, but a unique TFA Code.  

Prescribing Controlled Substances

Prescribing controlled substances within Healthie functions the same as prescribing other medications, with an added TFA step.

You will need to have the DUO Mobile app installed on your smartphone (see the steps outlined above)

When you are ready to sign your prescription, check the "Ready to Sign" box.

Open the DUO Mobile app, and find the one-time Passcode.

Enter your PIN number, as well as the one-time passcode (i.e., "two-factor authentication security code"), within Healthie. Once entered, click the "Sign & Send" button.

Additional Resources

Please email for a step-by-step EPCS Enrollment Supplement Guide. 

Here is a DoseSpot Guide to help you learn more about leveraging DoseSpot in your business, and how DoseSpot directly integrates with Surescripts to populate patient information.

Additional information on PDMPs: Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Healthie

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