Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP)

Prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) are state-level interventions to improve opioid prescribing, inform clinical practice, and protect patients at risk. Healthie's integration partner for E-Prescribing (DoseSpot) supports PDMPs, which can be enabled for a provider who has permissions for prescribing controlled substances (EPCS). 

Once enabled, PDMP data will be directly integrated into the clinical workflows of EHRs, for fast access at the point-of-care. There is no additional cost for accessing PDMP data. You'll find more information on PDMP and Healthie below. 

EPCS permissions and PDMP data access is currently only available to member's on our Enterprise Plan

Getting Started with PDMP

Providers who are interested in PDMP access will first need to have E-Rx enabled for their account, and have completed the EPCS enrollment process. This is a separate process that includes completing identity verification. Enterprise members can reach out to their account admin to complete the E-Rx application process, or can email as a next step, 

Once E-Rx and EPCS is confirmed for your account, here are the steps to request PDMP access: 

1. Email with the email address & name associated with your Healthie provider account, as well as the name of your organization. 

2. You will be sent a form via email to fill out by Bamboo Health (formerly known as Appriss). The application can vary in length and the time it takes to be approved can vary, depending on the state. It may take a few weeks, up to several months. While completing this application, please indicate DoseSpot as your software vendor

3. Through your Connect Portal with Bamboo Health, you'll need to proceed to the Agreements section and complete the state required forms. 

4. Once the state approves your application, Healthie is notified, and we'll enable PDMP permissions for your account. 

PDPM requests need to be submitted for each care provider that requires it.

If you have any questions about your application or PDMP, please email

Accessing PDMP Data

Once enabled, the provider visits a patient details page in the Healthie for lab ordering, and Healthie will automatically make a request for the patient's PDMP history. If the PDMP request is successful, the patient's PDMP data and a NarxCare Risk analysis will display beneath their demographic information. These scores will gauge the patient's potential substance risk. 

You'll find more information on how to access the E-Prescribing page through Healthie here

Exceptions to PDMP

Some states & territories do not currently have an active integration to support PDMP including: 

  • Guam Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (GPDMP)
  • Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (IL PMP)
  • Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (MD PDMP)
  • Nebraska Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (NE PDMP)
  • Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP)
  • Utah Controlled Substance Database Program (UT CSD)
  • Vermont Prescription Monitoring System (VPMS)
  • Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (WI ePDMP)
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