E-Rx: Reporting Access

Healthie offers a E-Rx integration with Dosespot as an add-on to your Healthie plan, which enables clinical providers to prescribe medications electronically on behalf of their patients. Here is an overview of E-Rx and Healthie

For added insights, team members can have reporting permissions enabled for their user account, which will allow them to access & download reports relevant to E-Rx activity. 

Request Reporting Access 

In order to have reporting set up for your user account, E-Rx must already be enabled. If you have not done so already, please submit an E-Rx application. If you are a member of an Enterprise account, please reach out to your account admin to inquire if there is an account specific application you should use. 

Once set up with E-Rx, you can issue a request to hello@gethealthie.com for E-Rx Reporting permissions. 

Clinicians who have “Reporting” enabled as a clinician role are able to run reports for their own actions in the Prescribing Application. 

Reporting clinicians cannot view other clinician’s information. Only EPCS Coordinators with this functionality enabled can run reports for all clinicians within their clinic. Please confirm if you need to run a report for other clinicians, or only your user when requesting E-Rx Reporting permissions. 

Generate an E-Rx Report

  • Select a client and click Manage E-Rx to access the E-Rx Portal
  • Click the white banner with details on Reporting
  • Select a report and a date range
  • View the report, or download a PDF or CSV 

  • Available E-Rx Reports

    Below you'll find a list of commonly available reports. Please note, depending on your clinic configuration, not all of the following reports may be available. You can reach out to hello@gethealthie.com if there is a report you are interested in, but do not see available to pull for your clinic. 

    • Prescriptions by Date Range: Listing report for all prescriptions filtered by clinic, clinician, and/or prescription status.
    • All Outstanding Transmission Errors: Stay on top of any transmission issues.
    • All Outstanding Refill Requests: Ensure clinicians are responding to requests sent from the pharmacy and show any refills for clinicians that have not been approved or denied.
    • EPCS Audit Trail: Save time and prepare for EPCS audits with Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) status reporting for certification (not available for all clinics).
    • EPCS Incident Report: Review error/success for each step of IDP and TFA and any failed “ready to sign” attempt (not available for all clinics).
    • Refill Responses: Enable clinicians and practice managers to see the outcomes of refill requests. 
    • Duplicate Patient Reports: Keep data clean for practices with patients in multiple locations. 
    • MIPS Report: Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Interoperability reporting for Meaningful Use eligibility and certification.
    • PDMP/NARX: Utilize NARX scores to identify risk, receive full PDMP report, and access multi-state reporting. Learn more: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (not available for all clinics).
    • Billing Group Overview: Organizational report of billing groups for all Practice Management Groups (not available for all clinics).
    • Clinician Report: Track how many new clinicians are using the software to write prescriptions within a given period.
    • Clinic Group: Group patients that are seen at multiple locations and billing groups attached to those clinics (not available for all clinics).

    Additionally, here are the prescription statuses available for more refined reporting. 

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