Calendar Sync for Sub-Organizations

Healthie's multi-provider capabilities enable organizations to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients. 

As part of our web white-label, we can set up an additional administrative layer, known as a sub-organization, to your account, for advanced administrative purposes. 

To Sync Calendars Across Your Sub-Orgs 

  1. Sync your calendar from the first sub-organization
  2. Rename the calendar in Google to include the state and their initials 
  3. Repeat the same steps in the second sub-organization
  4. In Settings > Calendar Sync, under pulled in calendar check off the calendar for the other sub-org 
  5. Do the same in the second sub-organization

Note: If team members are added to your Google Calendar, you need to ensure you are sharing that sub-calendar with any team members if you want them to be able to view it in Google. This would all happen in Google. 

Find more information from Google

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