Claim Forms: Place of Service Codes - Box 24B

A Place of Service (POS) is a field used when completing a CMS 1500 form to submit a claim to insurance. It indicates the location in which the health care service is actually provided. 

The Place of Service (POS) is a two digit code used on Box 24B to indicate where services are rendered. 

Enter a Place of Service Code

In Healthie, POS code is added under Service Facility information

  • Select "Place of Service" dropdown under "Service Facility"
  • Select from the following options provided for your convenience: Office, Home, Place of employment / worksite, Telehealth, Home, Other

Available POS Codes 

  • 11 - Office
  • 12 - Home 
  • 18 - Place of Employment (Worksite) 
  • 99 - Other Place of Service
  • 15 - Mobile Unit
  • 02 - Telehealth
  • 10 - Telehealth Provided in the Client's Home

For a detailed explanation of POS codes and how to appropriately use them, please refer to the CMS website.

Best Practices for Place of Service Codes

  • Check with a client's insurance company as to their specific reimbursement policies for each POS
  • The most common Places of Service are 11 (Office) and 02 (Telehealth) > Learn how to add telehealth as a service facility
  • Please review the CMS Guide on Place of Service for other best practices
  • If you update the POS code for a specific client, that will become the default code for that particular client (but, not for all clients). 
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