Admins: Viewing Team Member Charting Notes

Account admins receive easy insight into the organization, including activity of team members. There may be instances where the admin for an organization may need to keep track, or even review, the chart notes written by team members. 

Below are workflows that can help team admins access and review other team members' charting notes. 

Run the Appointments Report for Chart Note Status 

When a session is booked, Healthie automatically detects if a chart note was written that day for that client. If yes, then in the appointment details, the charting note status will change from Note Not Written to Note Written. 

Providers and admins are able to click Note Written to be brought to that specific charting note. 

Any easy way for admins to see an overview of appointments, and whether a charting note has been written, is by running the Appointments Report. This will generate a CSV report of all the appointments during the selected date range, and will include a column indicating the charting note status (written/not written) 

Add a Color Scheme to Your Calendar 

You can also create a color scheme on your Calendar based on chart notes written or not written. You can find more information on how to set a color scheme here. When implemented, admins can glance at a calendar, filter by provider, and view the charting status of each session. 

Click into a session to view the details, and click the link to be brought to the associated charting note, if one has been written. 

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