Calendar Colors and Appointment Visuals

Healthie's calendar conveys important information with just a glance. With different textures and colors to your calendar, you can quickly assess the status of an appointment. In this article, we take a deep-dive look at the visuals and colors of the calendar, to help you optimize your scheduling workflows. 

Distinguishing one-time from recurring availability

You are able to set both one-time and recurring availability in your Healthie Calendar. These are visually distinguished on your Healthie Calendar. 

One-time availability is used for time blocks that you create on a specific date/time that do not recur. These are denoted with a wavy texture on your calendar (ie. every Monday 9am - 3pm).

Recurring availability is used for time blocks that recur on your calendar. These are denoted by a solid texture block (ie. every Wednesday 9:45am - 1:30pm). 

Understanding Confirmation Status

Healthie's Calendar visually denotes whether a session is confirmed, unconfirmed, rescheduled, or cancelled, to make it easy for you to navigate your schedule and ensure that you have responded to all actions needed on your Calendar. 

  • Confirmed sessions will show up as block colors based on the color schemes you have established
  • Unconfirmed sessions will show up as striped and shaded.
  • Cancelled and No-Show sessions will show as grey, and crossed out. Sessions will not be removed from your Calendar unless you manually remove them. 
  • Rescheduled sessions will display "Rescheduled" in the appointment name. 

If you hover over an appointment on your calendar, you will see a tool-tip appear with session details.

If a client has not confirmed an appointment, you will see the following (you can also confirm an appointment on a client's behalf). On your calendar, unconfirmed appointments will appear STRIPED, so you can quickly (and visually) assess which appointments are not confirmed.

Once you or a client has confirmed an appointment, the confirmation details will disappear from the appointment box. On your calendar, the appointment will appear in a SOLID color, indicating confirmed.

To mark an appointment as "Confirmed" 

  • Click the appointment on your calendar 
  • In the appointment details, click the blue "confirm" option

A green banner will appear indicating that the appointment has been successfully confirmed. The appointment in your calendar will change from striped to solid appearance. 

Calendar Filters

In addition to setting up color schemes for your calendar, you can also filter your calendar by appointment type, location, appointment status, and, on the organization calendar, by Provider. This makes it easy to adjust the visual display of your calendar as you try to understand your day. You are also able to see just one your one-time and weekly ongoing availability. 

Learn more about Calendar filters here

Set up custom color schemes

If you would like to set up color schemes to make it easier to navigate your Calendar, you are able to color-code your calendar by: 

  • Appointment type (ie. initiation consultation, discovery call, follow-up session, group sessions, etc) 
  • Location (if you have multiple locations for your practice) 
  • Contact type (telehealth, phone, in-person
  • Chart note status (written or not written for a session
  • Provider (for multi-practitioner practices) 
  • Client confirmation status (confirmed, not confirmed) 
  • Provider confirmation status (confirmed, not confirmed) 
  • Appointment status (occurred, cancelled, rescheduled, no-show)

Navigate to Calendar > More > Appointment Settings. Another navigation bar will appear on the left-hand side. Under CalendarColor Scheme. Then, select the toggle "+ Add Color Scheme"  in which you'd like to have the color scheme set up. You are able to set up multiple color schemes and will be able to toggle between filters when you navigate back to your calendar. 

A best practice here is to have all Appointment Types listed within the By Appointment Type thread so that you can reference these all in one view. Whereas if you create multiple By Appointment Type threads each with a different Appointment Type, you will have to toggle to each Appointment Type in your Calendar - this can cause confusion.

For each option that you add, you'll be prompted to enter a Hex code. By default, the hex code include #000 is for black. 

Note: this feature is currently available on our Practice Plus + above plans. 

You can remove a specific option/color by clicking the red trash can icon. Alternatively, you can remove the entire scheme by clicking the red link "remove this color scheme" 

Color schemes for each appointment type 

A color scheme can be set for 'External Calendar' appointments (synced appointments) or for the contact type of each appointment - as you can see below, these appointments correspond to a pinkish-orange color. For example, the following color scheme for the contact types 'Follow-up Session', 'Group Session', and 'In Person Visit', correspond to the colors yellow, pink, and blue, respectively. 

As seen below, you must use the Color Scheme dropdown to toggle between different color schemes within your Calendar. You cannot view all the Color Schemes at once.

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