Family Members Sharing an Email Address

In some instances, multiple family members may create a Healthie client account, using the same email address. While each client account will remain separate, clients will be able to toggle between these client accounts, using a shared login. For example, this may occur when a parent and a child both work with a provider, and need a Healthie client account. In this case, the parent's email address can be used for the child's account, and the parent can switch between their account, and the child's account. 

This article covers different clients that have a Healthie account, and use the same email address. This is a separate case from a single client having multiple Healthie client accounts, with different providers. 

How Clients Can Switch Between Accounts 

Healthie automatically recognizes that an email address is used to access multiple client accounts, and as such, when a client goes to log into Healthie, they are able to select which account they would like to access. They can change this account at any time from web or mobile. 

Note: While client's can switch between the accounts that share an email address, no information is shared or duplicated within the client accounts. The accounts themselves remain separate entities. 

Switch Client Accounts on Web 

Switch Client Accounts on Mobile 

If logged into Healthie from the mobile app, clients can tap Switch in the main menu bar, and then select the other client account they would like to log into. 

Link Client Accounts in Healthie 

As a provider, you may want to see an indication that a client's account is related to another client. This can help you recall relationships between clients. Linking accounts does not allow clients to toggle between accounts, or access each other's accounts. They will have a separate login. 

Learn how to link client accounts here

Changing the Email Address for a Client Account 

The email address for a client account can be updated at any time. Once changed, the client will receive an email prompting them to create a new password for their client account. The clients who previously shared an email address will no longer be able to toggle between the client accounts. 

To change an email address: 

  • Go to your client's profile > Actions > Personal Information 
  • Update the email address for your client 
  • Click SAVE

Alternatively, clients can log into their account and update their email address directly within their account settings. More information about changing a client's email address can be found here

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