Send Emails From Your Domain (and create DNS records)

As part of Healthie's semi-white-label or full-web white-label plans, E-mail notifications sent to your clients can come from the e-mail address of your choosing (as opposed to These include e-mails for appointment confirmations and reminders, welcome e-mails, payment confirmations, invoices, activity notifications, and more. 

We typically recommend setting up an e-mail address like

Benefits of a custom domain for e-mails

  • While e-mails from to your clients have a "Reply to" your e-mail address, there are sometimes instances in which your clients may e-mail, and also see the e-mail domain. Having e-mails come from your domain eliminates this possibility entirely. 
  • If you have a Sendgrid account, you can view analytics surrounding e-mail deliverability and open rates. 

In order to send emails from your domain, you'll need to follow the steps below to create DNS records

Create DNS Records

To be able to send e-mails on your behalf from the e-mail address of your choosing, you'll need to create some DNS verification records. Here are guides that will help you do so: 

Step 1: Healthie will initiate the process. You'll receive an e-mail from Sendgrid with those records. 

Step 2: Create DNS verification records, Resources that may help are below: 

Step 3: Contact us ( so we can finalize set up of e-mail configuration for you. 

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