Web Semi white-label

On top of Healthie's standard branding options, Healthie's semi- white-label option for web gives you, your team, your partners, and your clients a more branded software platform on the web. As part of onboarding, our implementation team will work with yours to complete a branding questionnaire that includes your semi white-label preferences. 

White labeling is an available add-on for members on our Enterprise Plan. 

If you would like to review your current branding questionnaire, please Contact Us

If you are interested in more branding or custom work, please review the full web white-label, mobile app white-label, and API capabilities. 


Custom Subdomain and Sign-in Page

With Healthie's web semi white-label, your providers and your clients access your instance of the Healthie platform from a Custom subdomain of your choosing. 

We recommend creating a subdomain from your primary company organization website, and/or create a separate URL entirely (we have seen both instances). 

As a part of this, you will receive a log-in page that has your company's logo. Great places to post this include:

  • Your website
  • Social media

E-mails from Your Domain

With Healthie's web semi-white-label, e-mail notifications sent to your clients come from the e-mail address of your choosing (as opposed to hello@gethealthie.com). These include e-mails for appointment confirmations and reminders, welcome e-mails, payment confirmations, invoices, activity notifications, and more. 

We typically recommend setting up an e-mail address like info@yourcompany.com. If you would like to review your brand questionnaire and/or change the e-mail address that you use, please contact us (organizations@gethealthie.com)

Benefits of using a custom domain:

  • While e-mails from hello@gethealthie.com to your clients have a "Reply to" your e-mail address, there are sometimes instances in which your clients may e-mail hello@gethealthie.com, and also see the gethealthie.com e-mail domain. 
  • Having e-mails come from your domain eliminates this possibility entirely. 
  • You are able to have direct access to Sendgrid, which allows for more powerful analytics surrounding your e-mail deliverability and open rates. 
  • We can connect your Twilio account to our SMS reminders system, so that reminders from Healthie are sent from your connected phone number, versus our Generic number. 

In order to send emails from your domain, you'll need to follow these outlined steps to create DNS records.

Other Customizations

  • We can help you rename "Healthie Video calls" to "Telehealth"

More Branding & Customization Options

Healthie also offers a full web white-label and mobile app white-label.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We would be happy to schedule some time and work with you to best understand your specific organization needs. 

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