Compare Semi- and Full White-Label

On top of Healthie's standard branding options, Healthie's white-label options give you, your team, your partners, and your clients a branded software platform with the foundation to customize settings to meet your business's needs. 

White labeling is an available add-on for members on our Enterprise Plan. 

This enables you to have a company-specific web platform with the capabilities of Healthie, integrated with other business tools, to optimize your development resources. 

Organizations add-on a semi- white-label or full white-label option, and/or add on mobile white-label

Below we highlight some of the main differences between our semi- and full white label option. 

  Semi white-label Full white-label
Domain Name Sub-domain Full-domain
E-mail Customizations
  • E-mails from your domain
  • E-mails from your domain
  • "Healthie" removed from subject line of e-mails
  • Customized links in e-mails sent to clients
  • Logo on Sign in page
  • Logo on Sign in page
  • Remove link to download Healthie mobile app in e-mails sent to clients (option to link to mobile white-label is available)
  • No mention of Healthie anywhere in client experience (fully branded web portal)
  • Brand colors throughout platform (including replacement of Healthie default colors in many places)
  • Logo on Favicon
  • Logo on client onboarding experience
Integrations Standard integrations plus: All integrations, including: 
Additional customizations
  • Removal of tabs on side-bar (web)
  • "Healthie video call" --> "Secure video call"
Semi white-label plus:
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