Data for an Account Audit or Review

As part of our security and privacy requirements, and for your business's protection, Healthie keeps detailed audit logs of every action taken within the platform. 

There may be an instance in which you need to view detailed audit logs of particular actions taken by your team and/or your clients. Common reasons for this include:

  • Third party requesting detailed logs
  • Personnel questions or issues
  • Insurance Audit 

Self Export Data for an Audit

Many of the data that may be requested by an auditor can be self-exported from Healthie by an account admin. 

Request Specific Audit Information

Healthie can help you pull additional account information on actions like:

  • Timing of when actions were taken (e.g., Documents were added to the Platform, Program was modified)
  • Team members who accessed specific pages within the Portal

On our Organization Plan, we can also coordinate with you to display specific audit events. You can also leverage the API to pull additional events.

If you have a specific audit request, please Contact Us ( and we can coordinate on next steps to help you out. 

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